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#22279 Serbia Tech Tree

Posted laufer982 on 29 February 2012 - 10:20 AM

Hello to all !

i am laufer982 aka Komadant from NA forum and for some time my friends and i are spreading word and our work over the forum about designing and modeling airplanes for Serbia tech tree. Our idea is to try to make circle of friend over forums who are willing, enthusiastic, creative, skill in 3D, graphics, design,etc. to join us in our idea to create Serbia tech tree and all others tech tree for nations who are not in the game.

If you can find yourself in our idea. JOIN US !! WE NEED YOU!!


Contact us, Like us and Follow us on 



Posted Image

And WoWP Serbian team official logo
Posted Image
Cheers to all,

Disclaimer: Serbian Team is an informal association of aviation enthusiasts and professional individuals from different fields who together elaborate synopses and implement ideas The name of technology tree has been selected in a democratic vote and received the support of most voters, and hence validity From the legal point of view the only possible name was Serbia, because Republic of Serbia, and their military institutions, possess all of the rights to any and all of the assets regarding documentation, technical specification and all pictures and models of mentioned airplanes  as per the agreement after the fallout of the Yugoslavian state Other states of the former Yugoslavia did not have any common language for our idea as well Therefore Serbian team and the Republic of Serbia reserve all of the rights to the property in this topic  All graphic materials published in this thread by Serbian Team is protected and can be used only with permission of Serbian Team leader.We apologize for any inconvenience that may have been caused by this! 


Please keep text Visible and easy to read (even Disclaimers)
"Disclaimer" text enlarged

#271151 Wargaming Universe Month: Contest #1 [WoT & WoWp] — Submissions

Posted Gepard_PH on 31 December 2013 - 03:22 PM

Please submit your Wargaming Universe Month: Contest #1 [WoT & WoWp] entry here. 


Note that while the contest is running, submissions will be hidden until the contest is over.


Contest results



#271141 Wargaming Universe Month: Artist's room — Submissions

Posted Delhroh on 31 December 2013 - 02:54 PM

Please submit your Wargaming Universe Month: Artist's room entry here. 


Note that while the contest is running, submissions will be hidden until the contest is over.

#196672 Wersja 0.5.3 nadchodzi

Posted z00lw on 26 September 2013 - 01:10 PM

naprawiłem Lunchera mianowice zrobiłem cos takiego

otwieramy plik "WOWpLauncher.cfg" za pomocą notatnika i edytujemy linijke z językiem


zmieniamy "pl" na "en" i zapisujemy zmiany

i odpalamy Lunchera później mozemy zmienic język w luncherze

mi pomogło

#144915 A Guide to Simple Air Maneuvering

Posted _Grim_ on 19 July 2013 - 05:48 PM


A Guide to Simple Air Maneuvering


by _Grim_

I was wondering what to write next for the WoWp forums,so at the end I decided to make this (rather basic) guide for some air combat moves which would be an asset if known for any WoWp player ,especially for all those who just joined us in the Open Beta.

So I guess I should first introduce myself –I’m sure a lot of you already know me (in which case you probably also know everything in this guide),but if you don’t feel free to read my memoirs.After that’s out of the way we can continue.

I’ve tried to keep things as clear and simple as possible.On each maneuver I’ll try to explain how it’s done and when it is usefull in WoWp.I’ve added pictures to almost every maneuver to make the explanation more clear and I may add videos at a later moment in time .So, without further adieu ,here it goes:


This is the most basic of basic stuff-it’s just a fancy word for “turn sharply in one direction when attacked”(one would think I shoudn't even mention this move as it's just instinct to turn when getting shot at,but my ingame experience tells me otherwise  :sceptic: )..It’s quite obvious what you would use a break for-evading someone on your 6 and denying him an easy target.It’s quite effective in more agile planes like the Zero . To actually profit from the break ,you should turn into your attacker’s vector of attack in order to give him the smallest possible time to fire upon you.Here’s an example to make it a bit clear an enemy is making a pass on you from 3 o’clock.In this situation you should break right as this will minimize the enemies firing solution.If you break left,you’ll make yourself an easy target as he’ll be exactly on your six then..


Everyone know what a loop is ,so this should be rather simple. You begin flying leveled, preferably at enough speed (if you are close to stall speed when entering the loop-don’t, it really won’t work out >.< ).To begin the loop pitch up and continue to do so till you are leveled again. With a loop you can bleed of some speed and well…look fancy from the perspective of a bystander


I wouldn’t recommend using the loop as a means of evading someone on your back,as,as soon as you pitch up,you’ll give your enemy a great target.I usually use a loop when I’m attacking someone’s six ,however,I’m moving too fast(but not fast enough to set up a second BnZ attack) .I fire a few shots at his tail and just before overshooting I enter a loop which will place me right at his tail with enough speed to follow him after completing it.

Another situation where I like using a loop is when I’m flying parallel to an ally getting followed by someone.After performing the loop ,I’ll be on the enemy’s six because there is a big chance he would be too distracted by his attack on my ally to notice.Do not attempt this if you are the one getting followed(explained above).

Barrel roll

Yeah,again you all know this one.Again we are starting leveled -to do it you need to roll your aircraft(who would have guesed :sceptic: ) until you are leveled again .

What’s the barrel roll good for-well,you can use the barrel roll to reduce your speed so that you don’t overshoot an enemy or so that an enemy overshoots you.One other thing the barrel roll is really good for is making yourself harder to shoot, especially if you are trying to set up the enemy for an ally’s pass .In that case you’ll be trying to fly in straight line(so that the ally get’s an easy shot on the enemy on your 6) so the barrel roll would be one of the few things you can do to evade the enemy fire(constantly pitching up and down is another great thing to do).

Split S

One of the more common maneuvers you’ll see in WoWp-pretty much consists of a half roll and half loop.You begin flying leveled ,after that you do a 180 roll (which means you start flying inverted) and then pitch up and continue to do so untill you are leveled again(effectively you are doing a half inverted loop).When you do a Split S,you have effectively made a 180 turn and have sacrificed a bit of altitude for more speed.


I usually use it when I’ve spotted an enemy flying a course opposite to mine below me(usually soon after the game start).When I spot such a plane ,I continue to fly leveld till we pass each other.As soon as that has happened ,I perform the Split S which will put me right at his tail.If he is way below me even after the Split S,I follow it up with a dive so I can attack him.

Immelmann turn

You could call it an inverted Split S. Again you begin flying leveled.After that you enter a loop and at the top of the loop(meaning after you’ve done half of the loop),you do 180 roll.Again you have made a 180 turn ,however,this time you have sacrificed some speed for more altitude.


I usually this when I’m performing BnZ attacks but my plane doesn’t outperform the enemy one so much so that I would do a Hammerhead(read below),however,it’s still faster than his so I can get some distance from the enemy.I usually enter a shallow climb-if he follows me ,he will start to go slower and the distance between us will increase(my plane is still outperforming his,just not by a large margin) .After it has become enough(1000+ m) I will do an Immelmann and I will charge him in a head on attack-as at this time I’ll have a clear atlitude advantage and he’ll be unable to raise his nose to get a shot at me due to his low speed,so he’ll be an easy target unable to fire back.Believe this move was called a Rope-a-dope but,honestly,I’m not sure :sceptic: .

Hammerhead turn (also known as Stall turn)

A rather tricky maneuver,but extremely usefull at any time when in a high performance plane as it make energy fighting a lot more efficient.To make a stall turn you need to enter vertical climb.Just before losing all vertical speed,extend flaps and apply full rudder to one direction.If done properly this will make you plane tip over and make a 180 turn with the nose pointed downwards.


In combat this is usefull when you have an enemy at a lower energy and /or in a worse performing plane than yours behind you.Due to the reasons explained above when you enter the vertical climb,the enemy will stall out before you do.After you perform the Hammerhead turn,you’ll be in the perfect position and heading to perform a pass on an effectively statinary target as he’ll be hanging on his prop :izmena: .

The Scissors

Ahh,this one is a pain to explain,although I use it or see it happening all the time.It happens when two planes of similar qualities and similar speeds engage each other .By themselves the scissors is a series of turn reversals and overshoots in which the attacker tries to get a snap shot at the enemy.

There are two types of scissors-flat and rolling.

The flat scissors usually happen after the attacker has made a slow overshot after the defender made a break.Both pilots would then reverse their turns so the attacker will try to get a snap shot when the two planes pass each other again and the defender will try to cause an even bigger  overshoot eventually he himself getting shots on the former attacker...and then this repeats itself till one of the planes has died.It’s really hard to disengage from a scissors without getting the enemy right at your 6-best way is probably with a split S but even that can backfire horribly.Usually the scissorts is the result of the attacker failing and overshooting in his attack-you do not want to start this maneuver if you are attacking in a plane with a big speed advantage and performance advantageas the victory usually goes to the more agile plane.


The Rolling scissors usually results when the attacker overshoots at a higher speed-usually from a dive.To avoid the attack and gain a bit more separation between himself and the attacker, the defender will pull up and after he has climbed,he’ll roll and start to dive on the former attacker ,who had started to climb after his initial dive to again try to get a shot on the defender.And then the roles swich again(as again the initial attacker will have the altitude) and so on.In a rolling scissors,the more high performance plane will do better as he supperior engine power will give him an advantage in the climbs.


Both types of scissors slow down the forward motion a lot which makes the participants in it quite vulnerable to passes by other planes.So,I would advice you avoid engaging in a scissors,even you have the advantage,if you are facing two or more bogeys.

High Yo-Yo

An extremely usefull move when you engage an enemy who can outturn you,but you have a better performing plane and/or a speed advantage.By doing the high yo-yo you’ll get a firing solution on the enemy and evade an overshoot but you’ll also conserve your energy(something that won’t happen if you try to reduce your speed in order to not overshoot the slower enemy).

This is how you perform it- as soon as the enemy breaks in order to evade you,you don’t follow him in the turn but instead enter a climbing turn.Your speed will reduce the more you climb and due to this your turn radius will also get smaller and you’ll outturn your enemy and you can fire upon him.Furthermore,you have successfully evaded overshooting him ,which would have happened if you were to immediately try to outturn him, and have also gotten an altitude advantage on him.


Low Yo-Yo

Another rather usefull maneuver-pretty much the opposite of the high Yo- Yo.Here you sacrifice some altitude to get a momentary boost in speed to catch a fleeing enemy or gain an advantage in a turn .For example,an enemy is running away from –you dive,gain some speed and catch up with him.As soon as you do that you can pull up and get a snap shot on him-you’ll get only a small timespan to fire.

When used in a turn you can quickly cut range and effectively cut the corner of the opponens turn.After that you should pitch up as this will make you avoid overshooting and will place you on your target’s altitude.The Low yo-yo can be followed by a high yo-yo in order to not overshoot and to give you a better firing position.


As I'm not a real pilot or even a sim player,I've probably missed or missexplained some but ,at least in the WoWp environment ,what've written here should be pretty usefull.

And this pretty much covers what I had to say .Hope you liked the guide! If you have any questions or feedback on it-please feel free to share them.

Reaper signing off

#539192 EU bonus code depository

Posted dUG1 on 29 October 2017 - 08:55 PM

Since WoWp EU community management is non-existent, lets help each other out and gather EU codes for free stuff.

Note: Renamed the topic to make it worth visiting regularly, and will continue editing it as new codes appear - PM me if I dont add it asap.


UPDATE 26.12.



Same code as BAWWOWP2, should give slots and credits if you used that one.


UPDATE 12.12.:

New code for 1 day premium (its a WoT code but works here as well): T4NKYOU

Note - its valid till Christmas.


2nd code, much more interesting:



Gives Spitfire Ia and FW 56 (so another free slot + cash)


Thank Zanov here for finding it, but its not working anymore sadly.



1) Some EU gaming sites got a bunch of codes that give tier 2 German FW 56 and tier 3 US F2A-1 premium planes


a) Found this on reddit, grab it while they still have some (use translate if needed, but its the usual stuff - register with "fake" email, click the link, get the code, profit).

http://www.benchmark...y-bonusowe.html - not working anymore (read bellow)


b) Since above codes are used, try this one (thank MindTwister in this post)



c) In case codes above are used, try this one (thank G_UK in this post) - they give out the same thing so you cant combine them




Gives Type 224 and Ar 67 premium low tier planes.


3) HELLOWARPLANES - confirmed - thank uglybear for finding it.

Same planes as above, can be used together with WARPLANES for 2 hangar slots and credits.



So, all 3 give 4 low tier premiums + 2 slots + come cash.

Note: dont bother with more than one PL/GER/NL codes and please take only one of them - YOU CAN NOT COMBINE THEM SO LEAVE THEM FOR OTHER PLAYERS - Thanks on behalf of other players who yet have to get them.


P.S. its really sad we have to find out about giveaways from random reddit/forum users, while our AMAZING! EU staff has been picking their nose since the 2.0 release.

Another thumbs up from me guys, keep up the good work!

#196954 Say no to Autoaim!

Posted sharpneli on 26 September 2013 - 02:56 PM

Just watch that.
You know I have generally preferred WoWP over certain competitors game due to multiple reasons. Now in a single patch WG has managed to make this game as (#)¤"#¤ as the other flight game. This change compresses the skill differences tremendously. It also prevents one from shooting planes that don't move in a straight line because then the autoaim will drag the shots away from where the enemy plane will be into somewhere where it thinks the enemy will be.
This also means the death of WoWP as an esports. I propose we protest this change by not participating in the SIlverwings 4x4 tournament anymore. In anycase if this change is not reverted it is highly likely that I will not participate in WoWP esports anymore.
Thanks to Daemon93 and Stabu for making this even better example of deflecting shots.

Explain this away by 'spread'  :trollface:

View PostIvan_Kulbich, on 29 September 2013 - 05:43 PM, said:

Ok, after looking into our battle statistics I can confirm that we have more than 50% increase in hits/shots ratio. It's more that can be explained by improved mouse controls, and most probably is a new bug in the code, related to "autoaim". There is other possibility that include OP "sniper" skill of pilot, so we will go deeper in analysis.
Thanks to everyone who brings the problem to our attention. We will continue to investigate the problem this week, and push for including fix in if suspicion confirms.
Yay it's likely a bug! So now we just have to wait until they fix it.

Now it's a bug again! AHMAGAD! I'm going to cry if this just false hope.

#142045 Releasetermin: Erfahrung, Flugzeuge und Medallien - alles wird gelöscht!

Posted _Metacon_ on 16 July 2013 - 08:45 AM

Ja, es ist wahr.. und bevor noch zweihundertmal die selbe Frage in anderer Form hier im Forum gestellt wird, stelle ich es hier, hoffentlich ein fuer allemal, klar:
Wir sind in der TEST-Phase dieses Spiels. Genaugenommen in der OPEN-BETA.
Das bedeutet: JEDER der will, darf mitmachen, aber das Spiel ist noch nicht fertig.
Wie die Entwickler vielerorts schon dokumentiert haben, wird spaetestens am Ende der Open Beta, zum Release ein sogenannter HARD WIPE erfolgen.
Das bedeutet: Alles, was Ihr in der Testphase erspielt habt: Flugzeuge, Erfahrung, Geld, Token, Medallien wird WEG SEIN.
Warum das so ist? Weil das hier ein Test ist, damit die Entwickler die Serverlast messen koennen  - und Fehler in der Software finden. Es wird noch an vielen Parametern geschraubt wie z.B wieviel XP/Credits man bekommt, wenn man was macht. Oder wieviel Schaden ein bestimmtes Geschuetz macht. Wieviele XP oder Credits man braucht um etwas bestimmtes zu erforschen/kaufen. All diese Sachen koennten sich im Betatest von einen Tag auf den anderen drastisch aendern.
Deswegen waere es auch totaler Bloedsinn, dass Testspieler alles behalten duerfen was sie erspielt haben, weil sie es nicht zu den selben Bedingungen erspielt haben wie spaeter, wenn das Spiel mal fertig ist.
Wem das nicht klar war, und oder damit nicht einverstanden ist, wird nicht gezwungen am Test teilzunehmen. Er darf jederzeit den Beta-Spielclient deinstallieren und von Dannen ziehen. (zur Tuer hinaus, zweite Reihe Links, jeder bitte nur ein Kreuz). Wenn man dann ab offiziellen Release anfaengt zu spielen kann man sich sicher sein, dass die 'wertvollen' XP und Achievements, die man sich 'im Schweisse seines Angesichts' erarbeitet hat. NICHT MEHR so einfach geloescht werden.
Diskussionen im Forum anzuzetteln in denen, wie auch immer begruendet, gefordert wird, dass man seine 'Errungenschaften' bei Release behalten darf, sind genauso sinnlos, wie nach einer Testfahrt beim Autohaendler zu verlangen, dass man das getestete Auto behalten darf.
Die eigentliche Belohnung fuer die Teilnahme am Test wird so aussehen:
a) Ihr koennt, ohne einen Cent auszugeben, das Spiel antesten und verdient in der Betaphase pro Tag durch Siege bis zu 300 Token (Testgold) mit denen Ihr z.B. Premiumflieger kaufen koennt - um auch diese zu testen. Fuer diese Premiumflieger (von denen sicher bei Release nicht mehr alle oeffentlich verfuegbar sein werden) wuerde man nach Release echtes Wargaming Gold (also Euer Geld) zahlen muessen. Probiert also jetzt schon aus, ob Euch die geplanten Premiumflieger liegen oder nicht - ein Fehlkauf kostet Euch momentan nur Zeit, aber kein Geld.
b) Ihr habt Erfahrung (nicht im Spiel, sondern im Hirn). Bei Release koennt Ihr Euer Wissen um Staerken, Schwaechen und Eigenschaften von Flugzeugen nutzen, um gleich gezielt das zu erforschen, was Euch liegt.. und koennt erlernte und bewaehrte Flugtaktiken im Spiel gegen unerfahrene Spieler einsetzen. (Das kann euch keiner nehmen)
c) Wenn Ihr in in allen Testphasen summiert (Alpha, Closed Beta  und Open Beta) in der Summe mehr als 100 Gefechte gemacht habt, werden Euch schicke Auszeichnungen im Wehrpass spendiert ("Testpilot" oder aehnliches)
d) Wenn Ihr in allen Testphasen summiert (Alpha, Closed Beta und Open Beta) in der Summe mehr als 700 Gefechte gemacht habt, werden Euch bei Release bis zu 3 Premiumflugzeuge in den Hangar gestellt - je nachdem in welcher Phase Ihr urspruenglich dem Projekt beigetreten seid. Und es ist davon auszugehen dass man diese Flugzeuge nicht regulaer im Shop kaufen koennen wird - diese Dinger werden also einen Seltenheitswert haben.
Wer die Vorteile von a) b) c) und d) nicht sieht und sich lieber darueber beschwert, dass am Ende eines Tests ein Hard Wipe erfolgt - dem ist leider nicht zu helfen.
(Wenn moeglich bitte anpinnen. ;) )
Edit: Weitere Vorteile die WG erst kuerzlich bekanntgegeben hat:
e) Ihr erhaltet eine 100% Crew auf den T1 Flugzeugen jeder Nation - und die Gesamte Erfahrung die Ihr in der Open Beta eingespielt habt, wird gleichmaessig in Form "freier Crew Erfahrung" auf die T1 Crews aller Nationen verteilt. So, dass es moeglich ist, dass Ihr schon eine Top ausgebildete Elitecrew mit zusatzfertigkeiten habt, wenn das Spiel released wird.
f) Ihr behaltet Eure Abschussmarkierungen an allen Flugzeugen
g) Das Premiumflugzeug "Polikarpov I-15bis DM-2" das Wargaming anlaesslich des 15. Jaehrigen Firmenjubilaeums ausgegeben hat, bleibt Euch ebenso erhalten.

#1029 Signatures

Posted shnbwmn on 23 October 2011 - 08:58 PM

A few sigs I made, enjoy!

Posted Image

Posted Image


Posted Image

Here's some more:

P40 Warhawk:

Posted Image


Posted Image

Mig 15:

Posted Image

A few abstract ones:

Posted Image Posted Image

Posted Image

More sigs will be added as replies

#308218 Fundamental things that still suck in this game…

Posted AnuSuaraj on 20 February 2014 - 07:52 PM

So I’m reading this article entitled something like: “Winner of Nobel’s prize for economics does something that I should care about…” and even worse than that the article opens with: “The Nobel laureate has been…bla bla bla”.


What’s wrong with this picture? Because if you don’t know than the following is going to blow your mind - there is NO such thing as the Nobel Prize for economics. Never was and never will be.


The Noble Prize founded by Alfred Nobel in his will upon his death dishes out prestigious awards to the World’s smartest in the following sciences and notable fields of endeavor: Physics, chemistry, medicine, literature and peace.


So why all the confusion? Well, you see, in modern times the Bank of Stockholm wanted to start an international prize for economics. There was just one problem. No one cared much about economics or even considered it a note worthy field of endeavor. So the Bank cleverly named their award: “The Alfred Nobel memorial prize for economics.” It was just different enough not to get sued, yet similar sounding enough to confuse people into calling economists “Nobel Prize winners” which they are obviously not.

This was all done intentionally in order to leech of the famous name and confuse the less informed members of the general population.


The confusion was, in fact, so great that after a while the original Nobel Prize committee was all like: “Meh, might as well tie that prize to ours now, it’s not like people know the difference anyway.” And the worst part is that freaking reporters AKA people whose job it is to provide unbiased and preferably double-checked facts are one of the reasons for the cleverly pulled-off deceit.


Cut to a game reviewer on the interwebz that says (with a straight face): “…although it has its downsides, World of Warplanes is overall a very satisfying flight game…”

A flight game? A flight game with magical boost of strength and duration that’s unrelated to the plane’s engine? A flight game where planes can climb straight vertically up for half a minute? A flight game where jets that have the same stall speeds and turn rates as propeller aircraft?


Hmm, no. I know that term “arcade” gets thrown around a lot, but “arcade” doesn’t give developers carte blanche to do whatever they want and still call their half-product a “flight game”.


But that’s neither here nor there. Let’s get to it, shall we?


Hello there.


Yeah, the rumors are true. The Mighty Suaraj has returned. And guess what? I’m going straight back to my crusade against Mr. Wargaming and his silly attitude towards our very own World of Warplanes…


So let us begin.


1. Silly maps and silly buildings


So I’m flying over the beautiful Arctic landscape in my pretty Focke-Wulf without so much as a worry on my devious mind when suddenly my beautiful aircraft gets hosed down with a stream of .50 caliber slugs.


I look down and I see an AA gun tactically positioned on a mountain top directly below me. I’m talking about a mountain that’s approximately the size and height of mount freaking Kilimanjaro and yet someone has managed to prop up an AA gun there? Why? Well, because we needed an AA gun there to protect the warehouse…

Really? A warehouse? You put a freaking warehouse on top of a huge mountain in Arctic? Who the heck needs storage space on top some huge mountain in the freaking Arctic?  Are Yupik Eskimos storing icicles there? Or maybe the warehouse is there to make sure the AA gun is properly supplied? But then what is the AA gun protecting again?


Also, how exactly does the AA gun get resupplied? For some reason I get an image of some poor Himalayan Sherpa, forcefully drafted into the army, and currently towing a cr*pload of .50 caliber ammo up a huge mountain… Poor mustard probably feels like Frodo trying to get the ring up to Mount Doom.

I’m quite glad that the childish map Harbor was revised.


The original version just wasn’t cutting it. Every time I think of that V2 rocket pod on Harbor the following imaginary conversation between Adolf Hitler and Werner Von Braun goes through my mind:


Hitler: “Is my glorious V2 rocket complete?”


Von Braun: “Yes my Fuhrer. We’re just looking for a place to mount it.”


Hitler: “How about we mount it on top of that hill over there.”


Von Braun: “But my Fuhrer, there’s a beautiful fifteen-century Bavarian castle up there.”


Hitler: “That’s even better. We’ll demolish that silly castle but leave the outer wall intact so that my glorious V2 rocket is properly protected from enemy cavalry and swordsmen. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.”


Von Braun: “Ehrm, isn’t it silly to place our secret weapon on a fully exposed hilltop and amidst such a huge landmark? Shouldn’t we at least put up camo nets and stuff?”


Hitler: “Ah, silly Von Braun. You know nothing of war. Just do as I say and please excuse me while I go about defeating Americans and Russians at the same time.”


*Von Braun scratches head*


Other maps still need some love. Plateau is a beautiful map just like Arctic but it suffers from the same unrealistic and silly ground target placement.


Asian border is the worst map ever. Fog would be nice if there were just hints of it here and there. So that you could try to evade pursuers by diving into a little bit of fog and make your enemies lose contact for a while. That would be fun I guess. But right now Asian border is a total mess of a map on which it is hard to tell where clouds end and the fog begins. The whole freaking map is foggy…and cloudy, which is why that silly fog is without purpose. Logically, if all the planes are in the fog, than all the planes suffer the same view penalties (if there are any, god knows I haven’t noticed anything yet), and therefore fog is without any relevant purpose. It’s just very annoying and not much else.


Pacific has that huge port on a tiny island where there’s nothing but palm trees (as noted by my pal jeff_peters). Why the heck does that meaningless little island have such a huge port? There obviously not importing anything since there are no buildings, houses, or industry of any kind. Perhaps that island is exporting something then?

But what? There are only palm trees on that island and not much else. Perhaps they’re exporting palm trees? Naah. If they were really serious about palm tree export they would have hired Victus by now. Everyone knows that Victus is a true professional when it comes down to mowing down palm trees in record time. Every single one of his Shturmoviks has palm prints all over. Trololololol.


What was I talking about again? Ah, yes. Revise some of the maps Mr. Wargaming, and also revise ground target placement methods that you’re currently using.

And while you’re at it, fix those AA guns. When I see AA fire, I want to see tracers buzzing all around my plane, and flak erupting all over the place. What I don’t want to see is some lame computer algorithm firing perfectly placed shots all the freaking time. Grim said it best when he said that AA in WoWP makes you feel like you’re flying through an acid cloud.


All right. Let’s move on now.


2. Training-wheel jets


They flat out suck. Please make them go away.


You see boys and girls, back in CBT the current 262 line was the German LF line, and the German high tier heavies were huge and unwieldy creatures that couldn’t turn once without stalling out.


Those heavies got removed as the 262 line got moved to the German HF line and the German LF line got those new P. training wheel jets. Why implement does training-wheel jets?


Because there are a lot of unintelligent players out there that apparently don’t understand that jets weren’t designed to do prolonged low speed turns at ground level. So here comes our brave hero Mr. Wargaming implementing jets that can do tight turns with flaps on full and still not lose much speed in the process. As a result silly people could now play jets too.


Mr. Wargaming and the players in question liked this concept so much that pretty soon even more training wheel jets were implemented (OMG, Yak-15 HURAAAAY!!!11!), and even some honest-to-god jets like the La-160, Sabre etc. were converted into low speed, gravity-and-aerodynamics-defying super turners as well.

Why is this wrong?


Because those silly training-wheel jets ruin game balance on two different levels:


Level numero 1. Training-wheel jets create a huge problem for high tier props as they are faster than props, turn almost as good as props and have much better firepower than props. Boom and zoom props like the Ta.152 are especially screwed in this scenario.


For example, I had one battle with the Ta.152 in which a La.160 got on my six. I turned into a hard, low-speed bank in order to force the La.160 into an overshoot. The La.160 being a jet should have a much higher stall speed than my prop and also should be incapable to do turns at 250 km/h without crashing into the ground. Or so I thought. It turned out that La.160 could keep up with me just fine no matter how hard I turned or how much I slowed down.

Unrealistic? Sure. Silly? Yep. Cartoonishly ridiculous and detrimental to game balance? Abso-freakin-lutely.


Level numero 2. Training-wheel jet’s low speed agility and speed retention has to balanced by a reduced overall speed and climb rate which makes those planes easy prey for those few ‘real’ jets still in the game like the 262, HG2 and HG3 etc…


So you can see how nobody really wins here.


So, Mr. Wargaming, please make training-wheel jets go away, and let players learn to fly actual jets. High stall speeds, speed bleeding in turns, brick-like agility at lower speeds – those should be the weak points of all jets. Stronk points of jets? Speed, acceleration and firepower – what more do you need?


And who knows, by modeling jets the right way, you might even make those high tier props better contenders in the process.


Thanks a bunch.


3. Ground attack aircraft


I’m not gonna say they’re underpowered or anything. But I am going to say that they’re not much fun to play.

Mr. Wargaming’s model of “Let’s turn Shturmoviks into total bricks with lots of HP, armor and gun dispersion…” is really lame in my opinion.

So let’s start with the dispersion of the guns that is present on all the attack aircraft in the game right now.

Why so much dispersion?


Because sometime during Open Beta Mr. Wargaming decided to buff the damage output of all guns in the game quite a lot (and for no reason whatsoever). As a result all planes died a lot faster and all the battles ended a lot sooner thus making WoWP a way lamer game than it used to be. This is “working as intended” at its finest. Another consequence of this unnecessary damage buff is the fact that GAA aircraft, having the biggest guns on every tier, became a bit OP-ish.


And this is where the fultard dispersion comes in. Mr. Wargaming simply decided to disperse all the guns on the GAA making them inaccurate so that GAA would be somewhat handicapped against fighters and would therefore focus on grounds exclusively.


Now, I’m not saying that GAA are underpowered right now. The guns are still devastating from up close, rockets can surprise your enemies from long range, and bomb traps are a neat trick as well (although that magic bomb shield is a joke). Also, with the large HP pools ILs are well suited for baiting of enemy fighters making them easy targets for friendly fighters.


So they’re not underpowered. But they’re just not fun either.


Now for an interesting fact: Did you know experienced IL pilots find IL-10 to be the most fun GAA in the game right now? And do you know why?


Is it because of the huge HP pool and stronk armor? Nope.


OP tailgunner? Nope.


Derp guns? Nope.


Super devastating bombs and rockets? Nope.


Hmm, maybe it’s the significantly better aircraft performance? You bet your a*s it is…

In fact, I’m pretty sure that every GAA pilot out there (myself included) would trade HP, armor and their OP tailgunner for some better performance and a little less of that silly gun dispersion on each and every one of their ILs.


It is as simple as that. Current performance of Shturmovik aircraft is a joke and has little to do with this fine aircraft’s historical legacy.

I’m not saying that Shturmoviks should out turn or out run fighters but merely that they should turn better than a fully loaded 747 and not have the accuracy of a drunk hillbilly wielding a sawed off shotgun.


Balancing is a big priority but fun is even more important. So please Mr. Wargaming, find another way to balance those GAA’s, because not only are the Shturmoviks not that fun to play (with a few honest exceptions like the IL-10), but the fultard supremacy mode that you’re developed to make them more significant is really ruining the fun for everyone.


And that brings me to…


4. Supremacy mode


In World of tanks you can win in one of two ways.


Numero 1. Kill all enemy tanks – something that’s not easy and usually takes longer than 2 minutes AKA the average time of a WoWP battle.

Numero 2. Capture the enemy base – something that’s not easy as well because the moment you start capping the base a stronk wailing siren lets the whole enemy team know exactly what you’re doing and exactly where you’re doing it. This means that the enemy team has a very god chance of killing you and stopping the cap.

In WoWP you can also win in one of two ways.


Numero 1.  Kill all enemy planes – which last from about two to four minutes and is how battles end 90% of the time.

Numero 2. Look at Supremacy counter. If your team has more points then look at remaining enemy planes. If enemy doesn’t have any GAA left then go play bot on 4000+ meters in the corner of the map. Congrats, you just won a battle by performing the noble act of hiding like a little bit*h.


This is unacceptable to me. And it should be unacceptable to Mr. Wargaming as well if he’s really serious about WoWP, free2win and eSports.


There is no game right now ANYWHERE on the open market in which you can win by hiding in a corner like a little girl whilst doing absolutely nothing.


Well, there is one game actually. In the “Hide and seek simulator 2014.” you can totally win that way but that’s pretty much the only game of that genre.


Anyhou, the Supremacy mode needs revision. I’ve already suggested an activity measuring component to be added but perhaps Mr. Wargaming can come up with something even better. It is his freaking job after all.


5. Optimal altitude and optimal speed


This really confuses me. It keeps me up at night. Normal people worry about their taxes or rent. I rack my brain about unrealistic optimal altitudes for virtual planes. I really need a life. Truly.


Anyhou, Yak-1's optimal altitude is a pitiful 750 meters?! It was a low to MEDIUM altitude fighter.


Here's an interesting fact from Wikipedia (although I’m not giving it too much credence since the word maneuver was misspelled…twice):


"A simulated combat between a Yak (with M-105PF engine) and a Bf 109F revealed that the Messerschmitt had only marginally superior maneuverability at 1,000 meters (3,300 ft), though the German fighter could gain substantial advantage over the Yak-1 within four or five nose-to-tail turns. At 3,000 meters (9,800 ft) the capabilities of the two fighters were nearly equal, combat essentially reduced to head-on attacks. At altitudes over 5,000 meters ( 16,400 ft) the Yak was more maneuverable."


Yeah, that's right. Bf.109's were actually more maneuverable at low altitude than the Yaks, and the Yaks were more maneuverable at medium altitude. This directly contradicts the current values in the game.


Yeah, Yak's were good at low altitude, but they were even better on medium altitudes of 3000-5000 meters. So Mr. Wargaming's idea of making the Yaks low level fighters (750 meters is too low even for a freaking children's helium baloon for the love of candy!) is silly and makes no sense whatsoever.


Furthermore, Mr. Wargaming's inability to discern between lack of performance in terms of speed and lack of performance in terms of agility is quite silly as well. Some planes should lose speed performance on high altitude but not agility and vice versa. Right now, going outside of your optimal altitude will equally degrade all performance values: speed, turn rate, roll rate, acceleration, boost power etc...


And the way altitude levels are set up now really hurts game balance. I know that altitude is a bit compressed in WoWP but still it should be:


Low altitude: everything below 1200 meters.

Medium altitude: 1200-2500 meters

High altitude: everything above 2500 meters


This should, of course, change when WG increases the flight ceiling a bit in the following way:


Low altitude: everything below 1500 meters.

Medium altitude: 1500-3000 meters

High altitude: everything above 3000 meters


This is valid only for props up to tier 6, of course, as jets and high tier props should have an even larger flight ceiling.


Also, the optimal altitude ranges should be much larger for all planes. For example, Yak-1's optimal altitude should go from 500-1500 meters, Bf.109E's should be in the range of 1000-2000 meters etc...


Basically, my opinion is that optimal altitude should be in the range of approx. 1000 meters (with the light green super optimal altitude covering around 500 meters and dark green slightly less optimal altitude covering the other 500 meters). And also the penalties for going outside of your optimal altitude should be much lower than they are now. This would close the gap between planes and make WoWP a better balanced game.


Like I said, the altitude is mighty compressed in this game and one can go outside his optimal altitude with just one boost. At which point one immediately loses performance across the board and one's plane turns into a useless brick. This is not fun in my book and it also ruins immersion for players when they see planes behave in such an unrealistic and cartoonish manner.


Optimal speeds are a really, really bad joke in this game.


Yak-3, which was one of the best monoplane designs of the war, easily capable of reaching speeds of 650 km/h in level flight has its optimal speed defined as 263 km/h?!


WTF!!?? 263 km/h?! For a late war design that was built for high speed maneuvers and fast interception?! It's not a freaking biplane for the love of candy!


Optimal airspeed for the La-5? 294 km/h! It's like Mr. Wargaming wants to reduce all dogfights into low speed, slow motion turn fights. 


Why? High speed maneuvers are way more fun. Just look at the Fw.190 A-5 if you don't believe me. It's currently one of the most fun planes in the game simply because it has a realistic and enjoyable optimal speed of 424 km/h.


Current optimal speed setting goes beyond Mr. Wargaming's usual inability to think logically.


Optimal speeds NEED to be revised for all aircraft, especially higher tier props and jets.


End of story.


Anyhou, these are just my opinions. All are welcome to comment, whether they agree with me or not.



#286746 belastend.net WoWP Killboard: die neue Statistik Seite

Posted SaphiraT on 17 January 2014 - 07:32 PM

Hallo zusammen,

ich habe eine kleine Seite gestartet mit Statistiken zu WoWP:
englisch Version: http://belastend.net/en/

Für alle eingetragenen Piloten, gibt es eine eigene Seite mit Informationen zu den Gefechten usw.
Die Daten werden von der wargaming.net API übertragen und ca. alle 30-60 Minuten aktualisiert.

-> Piloten: eine Liste mit allen Piloten, hier gibt es auch ein Formular um neue Piloten einzutragen.

-> Rankings: verschiedene Top-Listen aller eingetragenen Spieler

-> heutige Rankings: "echtzeit" Rankings für den aktuellen Tag, Start täglich um 7 Uhr.

Für jeden Piloten wird außerdem eine Signatur-Grafik in zwei Varianten erzeugt (s.u.).

Die Seite ist mit einem responsive Design umgesetzt und die Ansicht optimiert sich automatisch für Smartphones und Tablets.

Ich freue mich auf euer Feedback und eure Ideen .. vor allem, viel Spass mit der Seite

greetz, SaphiraT
  • Piloten können als Favorit gespeichert werden (Stern hinter dem Nicknamen)
  • Liste mit Favoriten unter der Navigation
  • Clan-Rankings
  • Optimierung der Seitenladezeit
  • [11-02-14] Korrektur Anzeige der Bodenziele/Gebäude
  • [11-02-14] Anzeige von zerstörten HQs und der Unterstützungspunke
  • [12-02-14] Statistik-Zeitraum ist jetzt frei wählbar
  • [14-02-14] Achievements werden jetzt im Profil angezeigt
  • [14-02-14] Auflistung aller Rankings im Profil
  • [16-02-14] Seite mit Flugzeug-Statistik
  • [16-02-14] Clan-Tag anzeige in Signatur-Grafiken
  • [23-02-14] Administration für Clan-Leader

#225638 Farewell and adieu!

Posted AnuSuaraj on 04 November 2013 - 01:39 PM

Greetings fellow testers,

I address you with a heavy heart for I am leaving World of Warplanes most likely for good...

I simply find no joy or fun in the game anymore and I have only played it for the tokens during most of OBT...

All the joy was lost (for me) with the 4.0. update and whilst consequent updates have certainly made the game more playable they have failed to restore WoWP's former glory.

To add insult to injury WG's inability to properly balance the game has further decreased the fun.

Most insulting is WG's stubborn attitude of insistance on assigning aircraft performance in accordance to nations instead of individual aircraft's actual historical values.

This is highly confusing to me since they have done exactly the opposite in WoT. In WoT tanks are (sometimes loosly but still) based on their real life counterparts meaning they have the same strengths and weaknesses they had in real life which are then of course further balanced within the scope of the game and its tier based system.

In WoWP however, planes have nothing to do with their real life counterparts and are balanced according to the tree they've been forced in. Perfect example of this is the P-51A, a low altitude aircraft in RL because of the limitations of its engine, is in WoWP the finest high altitude fighter on tier 6.

This makes very little sense to me. And yes, while this may look just like one small detail, there are many such annoying instances which when put together make up a poor and unfulfilling game.

The biggest issues for me still remain as follows:

1. Game mechanics which strongly favor tedious Boom and Zoom combat

2. Massive imbalance between aircraft branches

3. Illogical aircraft performance

4. The gaping flaws in the Supremacy mode of battles that allow afkers/bots or little dweebs to win battles by hiding

5. Aimbot, sideslip and other AI components of the game that try to forcefully compress the skill gap

6. The clear irrelevance of GA aircraft.

7. Damage ratios that are out of control and that result in 2 minute battles

8. Performance issues and bugs

This, along with lots of other smaller issues have snowballed into a very weak product IMHO, one that is no longer worthy of my time and effort.

With that said, I harbor no ill will toward anyone. So to all the players that still find enjoyment in this game I wish that they continue to do so.

I will be focused more on WoT in the future, and when I need a break from that game, I'll probably play some War Thunder or Star Conflict - games that aren't as fun as WoT or as WoWP used to be in early Beta, but are certainly more fun than WoWP in its current state.

I will also be suspending my activity in the WoWP forums as well as I am unable to bare this new onslaught of cry babies and whiners AKA the same unskilled players you could find on WoT forums ranting about arty being OP (who are now ranting that TDs are OP).

I just can't stand to be invaded by the putrid posts of these incessant whiners anymore.

So good luck to you all.

Because God knows, on release day, you are all really going to need it.



#176197 Why rushing the game release is a bad idea...

Posted AnuSuaraj on 01 September 2013 - 12:03 PM

Why rushing the release of WoWP is a bad idea…by the Suaraj.

Greetings pilots, I’ve just decided to write a short article for your pleasure and perhaps present you with a short poll from your friendly neighborhood troll. Uh, it even rhymes.

Chapter I.

Bugs my friend, bugs everywhere…

No, I am not talking about scary insects crawling all over your person so you can put that can of Raid down you cowardly dweeb. We’re talking software bugs, programming glitches, and other things of that sort.

World of Warplanes is infested with quite a few actually. You guys probably know them, as you do experience them quite often but let’s review some of the most game-breaking glitches around.

Ever been in a flight? And then got excluded from that flight? And just as you were about to start screaming out insults at your flight mates you were informed by them that they haven’t really excluded you from the flight…not only that but as far as they were concerned, you, or rather your (online) name was still present in each of their respective flight tabs.

The truth is that the flight system in WoWP is highly bugged. Entire flights disband for no reason, or exclude particular individuals indiscriminately…truly annoying, especially over  longer periods of time.

Even a bigger issue is the contact list and chat tabs, the very thing that you need in order to establish a flight in the first place… Yeah, it is also bugged. Chat tabs just keep putting up notifications for no reason, and the contacts list doesn't display online/offline status correctly. More than once was I chatting in game with a person who was suppose to be offline according to the contact list, and vice versa of course. Also, both the chat and the contacts list crash quite often.

And don’t even get me started on the in game bugs: modules refusing to research, faulty hitboxes on planes and ground targets, wrecks of airplanes floating suspended in mid air, game client minimizing for no reason and then crashing when you try to re-enter the game.

I honestly don’t know how the devs are planning to solve all these issues in so little time (less than a month now I believe) especially when you consider the fact that bugs and glitches are hardly the biggest issue of the game.

Chapter II.

OMG, I have packet loss...

What is packet loss you wonder? Well, you see, the way MMO games work is by sending and receiving IP “packets” (which are basically small bits of data) to and from your computer and also, of course, the main game server.

The reason why packet loss is even more of an issue in WoWP is because WG uses server side calculations, meaning their own server calculates data (how the bullet you just fired is going to fly, what damage will it do etc.) and then sends that data back to your PC.

So, you would think WG would pay more attention to server load than other MMO gaming companies?
Think again.

The WoWP server needs to be upgraded; the hop servers to the main server need to be examined thoroughly.

Yes, some of the packet loss issues can be blamed on local networks and ISPs, we all know that the Interwebz are far from perfect.
With that said, I have experienced solid prolonged 100% packet loss with some of my flight mates, and the thing that bothers me is the fact that we were having the packet loss at the SAME EXACT time, meaning the blame can’t be in our ISPs (different ISPs from different countries) but in the server itself.

Furthermore, I play enough of other MMO titles such as Planetside 2, DayZ etc. which are completely stabile and without packet loss, to know that the issue is not (entirely) in my own connection or ISP.

Also, I play WoT quite often and I don’t have packet loss issues there…

Chapter III.

Why iz I lagging all the time?

You iz lagging because the game is not optimized precious...

Planetside 2 runs at stabile 30-50 FPS in moments when there are over a hundred players running around, or driving around in tanks, or flying around in aircraft on a small confined section of the map, with bombs and explosions all around.

So don’t tell me you can’t make this game more average PC friendly…or at least gaming PC friendly.

Because I do have a solid gaming PC with a newer quad core CPU, 6 GBs of RAM, an SSD drive and a higher end Nvidia graphics.

Sure the game runs on smooth 50 FPS when you’re flying up high with just a few planes around you, but as soon as you dive into that furbal over your base, with AA popping shots at peeps, your FPS instantly drops below 20 (no matter what your graphic setting is) and you are no longer playing a MMO but rather enjoying a slide show presentation.

Keep in mind Wargaming devs that giving people the ability to downgrade graphics to a point where you feel like you have an ‘80s Amiga game in front of you, is not to be confused with optimization, a process in which your current engine is made more efficient and less resource consuming.

Chapter IV.

My OP plane downz you to the ground, damn right it’s better than yours, I could teach you, but I’d have to charge.

Wargaming has, from the dawn of their first MMO, used the global WR system as the single most important balancing tool in their quite limited arsenal. It sounds simple enough, using the average part of your player base to determine the OP-ness of each individual virtual machine, be it a plane or tank.
One problem though…

It doesn’t always work in WoT. It doesn’t work most of the time in WoWP.

In WoT it works fine most of time, unless you’re dealing with a tank that has to be played in a more specific way. Like for example the M-18 Hellcat, probably the finest tier 6 next to the KV-1s and even borderline OP in my humble opinion.

What keeps it from getting nerfed? Well, Hellcat is a stalker actually, it is most efficient when played from the rear, stalking heavier tanks and hitting them the hard in places where they don’t want to be hit. The fast Hellcat can get into a good firing position quickly, hit hard and then disappear. But most players mistake it for a light tank, or they get carried away by its speed and find themselves surrounded in enemy territory. So Hellcat’s global WR remains average, ergo no nerfs.

Other, more conventional tanks and TDs, tanks that can do most things well and don’t have to be played in one specific manner, those tanks are the most finely balanced tanks in the game.

And that is why WoT is decently balanced for the most part, even with the shortcomings of WG’s balancing system in which a few specific tanks do occasionally slip through the cracks…

WoWP is a different story however.

I don’t want to waste time here on the whole “WoWP is a 3D game in which skill plays a much bigger role” thing. You guys know this so let’s just skip the whole skill gap thing and get to the juicy bits.

A huge problem in WoWP is the utter lack of balance between high energy planes AKA planes that are fast and high climbing but can’t turn that well AAAAND…Turn fighters AKA planes that turn quite well but are slightly slower than high energy planes and can’t climb as fast (or as high)…
It is no secret that the majority of the player base likes to turn fight at low altitude, and that most times those players really don’t care if their plane isn't designed for turn fighting at low altitude…

As a result high energy fighters get killed more by turn fighters…WG’s solution? Buff the energy fighters, over and over again.
Add to this WoWP’s new game mechanic where shooting up at something is useless even if that something is just a stone throw away, and the policy of making turnfighters uber fragile with super low HP, and you get the issue we have now and that is the fact that we have a lot of energy fighters in the game right now that are OP as hell, meaning you put two comparable players in an energy fighter – turn fighter duel and the energy fighter wins ten out of ten battles hands down. This is self evident even in random battle where even if I make a mistake in my Me.410 I can still just boost away from my mistake and not get punished for it. In WoT you always get punished for it…ALWAYS.

Also, the global WR just keeps buffing my Me.262 to the point where I can out run tier 9s and one shot other tier 8s…
We have a lot of Hellcats in WoWP is what I’m saying, and the Hellcats in WoWP are also a lot more dangerous because they don’t get over run when their team dies, they just wipe out opposition and maintain 80% WR with little effort.

WoWP is unbalanced, and the fact that WG and some of the player base haven’t figured it out yet is because we simply don’t have enough players exploiting OP planes yet. But that will happen after release, and it will suck…for everyone.

Chapter V.

Oh my stats and achievements where art thou?

My Sky Scourge achievements remain locked at number 88. My Ground Pounders remain locked at 11.

Some achievements, like the Destroyer, get awarded at a “maybe it will/maybe it won’t” basis. Also, I got the Wrecking Crew achievement in a battle where I died (and one of my flight mates died too), even though it clearly says in the conditions of the achievement that “…all flight members must survive the battle.”

My maximum ground/aerial kills are entirely wrong. I have never killed 16 enemy planes in one battle, not because I‘m a bad player or anything, but simply because it is impossible to kill more than 15 enemy planes, since that is the current maximum team size.

People like to check out their stats and achievements and for me this has always added a certain charm to WoT for example, but the whole thing becomes counterproductive if those stats and medals aren't accurately described and distributed.

WG says they can fix all this in one month, and I for one have my fingers crossed for them. Truly.

Chapter VI.

The Brits are coming…says Paul Revere.

I would have liked for the Brits to come in Beta so they could be properly tested by, I dunno, maybe some Beta testers.

But I am sure the British tree will be finely balanced, especially the HF tree… I mean just look at how well the German HF tree is balanced right now.

That last part was sarcasm by the way…

And now back to the title: Why rushing the game release is a bad idea?
It is a bad idea because right now, WoWP is just a half product… A charming and interesting half product, but a half product still.

It is riddled with bugs and game crash issues, it is poorly optimized and laggy, its core functions don’t work very well (or at all), and the gameplay itself, although quite fun at the moment, will be greatly overshadowed by these issues (as well as by the lack of balance)…

But this is just my opinion. You can voice yours in the poll above.

#160109 Planes.NoobMeter.com - statistics for WOWP

Posted NoobMeter on 10 August 2013 - 06:03 AM

We just launched a very early version of support for World of Warplanes on:


It doesn't do nearly as much as http://tanks.noobmeter.com/ does for World of Tanks, but I have every intention to get it there (as much as features and data available from WG permit) :).

For now I'd like to start the discussion on development of some sort of performance rating for WoWP - I'm open to your ideas.

Also, if you see any defects or think of any improvements for http://planes.noobmeter.com/ , please drop me a private message! Thanks!

#167633 State of the game by the Suaraj

Posted AnuSuaraj on 21 August 2013 - 09:27 AM

State of our favorite game is truly poor.
As some of you might know I have been testing this game for well over a year now and although I am a huge fan of the game I cannot honestly say that I like the overall direction of development.
1. Fixing what ain't broke...
Wargaming development teams have this unhealthy desire to "fix" things that work rather well in the game whilst simultaniously ignoring large and gaping issues. For example, the radar system, which worked perfectly for most of closed Beta until some unknown genius decided it needs to "improved". First we got the large radar with tiny indicators (0.4.1) and with 0.5.1 we just got the tiny radar with huge indicators. Also, the white arrow that is suppose to indicate our planes position looks a bit deformed...increase res maybe?
Also, with this latest patch we got the "sound fix" which makes guns sound feeble and impotent...almost like I'm firing BB gun pellets instead of cannon shells.
This trend of ruining things that work perfectly fine within the game both confuses and scares me. Every patch all the things added or improved get overshadowed by things intentionally ruined for no reason whatsoever. This trend always ruins patch day for me. ALWAYS...
2. The balancing of aircraft...
Or should I say unbalancing of aircraft.
Something WoWP devs haven't figured out yet is the fact THAT YOU CAN'T BALANCE THIS GAME LIKE WOT. The whole balance according to global WR DOESN'T F***ING WORK!
Why? Because planes that are good for energy fighting demanded a certain skill level and patience to be effective, a skill level most players don't have which is why they turnfight these planes and lose a bucketload of battles. So then the agile fighters get nerfed and energy fighters become even more powerful, and again, good players then use those energy fighters to own everything but for every one of the good players there iz a million dweebs turnfighting the Me.262 lowering the global WR even more, and again the Me.262 gets buffed even more to the point it can do 950 kph in level flight and is the most OP plane in the freakin' game.
You cannot balance a 3D game the same way you balance a 2D game. The proof of this is a great quantity of already OP energy fighters that got buffed in the last patch (Bf.109B, Me.262, F2G).
3. Trying to compress the skill gap...
Doesn't work because the gap is already compressed as much as it could ever be...Proof of claim?
How about the recent attempt to compress the gap by nerfing gun accuracy AKA increasing weapon spread to an ridiculous amount. I'm guessing WG thought it would level the playing field if we all did lower damage by missing a lot. Problem? The spread increased in level flight increases exponencially when firing upward which means that better players who always maintain an altitude advantage are now even less likely to get killed or even seriously damaged by dweebs firing at them in a steep climb. Result? Skill gap is NOT compressed and also the whole playerbase is annoyed by these shotgun planes that can't hit a broadside of a barn. Also, the extra spread has actually made nose mounted guns better than before as in the olden days the tight grouping of the shots made aiming more difficult.
And btw Wargaming, the guns that spray the most are the wing mounted light MGs which are mostly present on lower tier AKA the tiers that new players will first fly...for a while at least, till they are so pis*ed off that they uninstall.
Oh, and one more thing. The guy that came up with the recent "collison avoidance system" that makes your plane 10x more agile when in proximity to other planes is the biggest dweeb in the history of mankind. Seriously, I cannot fathom how a living breathing thinking human being that develops games for a living thought to himself: "Hey, I know how to make planes not crash as much! Let's make a system that makes a plane fly erratic and uber fast when close to other planes, that should make avoiding collisions super easy!!"
Truly, some people seem to have the intelligence and reasoning skills similar to that of an eucaliptus tree.
4. Maps
We need a lot more of them before release. Also please remove Asian border, like FOREVAHH.
See attached pic below for clarification...
5. Optimization
Still remains the biggest issue of the game, along with stability ofc. Packet loss, fps drops and constant game crashes are an issue an MMO simply cannot afford to have. If the date for release is truly late September than me thinks WG has a lot of work to do.
Keep in mind though, that giving players the ability to degrade graphics to a level of an old Commodore 64 is not optimization, it is merely degradation and people aren't buying it.
State of the game is poor indeed. And the recent annoucements didn't make things any better.
Wargaming has rushed 0.4 update, has rushed OBT and is now rushing to release. And all this rushing is bound to backfire very soon.
But all this is just my humble opinion, my somewhat unwelcome perspective, a little something I like to call THE GODD*MN TRUTH!
Mighty Suaraj over and out...

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#339942 Ffor the first 5 in the losing team, give xp and silver as per win

Posted zen_monk_ on 19 April 2014 - 07:13 PM

After a lot of time spent on the Forum, I’ve seen that 90% of rants goes to MM, noobs in your own team, bad players who fail to contribute in crucial moments which results in loss, etc. There’s a simple solution (and please read the whole explanation):


The first 5 players in the losing team should be awarded xp and silver income as per win


My team lost? Well guess what, they are not my team. “My team” is something in Clan Wars, Tournaments, the selected players on Team Speak – and there, winner takes all, losers lose and so on. Here in randoms, we play with 14 random players. Amongst them are bozos, newbies, noobs, someone is drunk, stoned, or just plain stupid. It simply is not fair to be punished for their stupidity or lack of competence.


Just think for a moment: a lot of (if not the whole) frustration will be deflated. People would play happier – just remember all of your great games which ended in a loss due to “your” team, and your anger. First five of the losing team did their job, contributed something. Award them as well. There will be an added element of push to achieve something even in a hopeless situation, just to get into the first five.


No harm would be done. Competent players will earn well (as they should), the atmosphere in the game would be healthier, and a lot of anxiety eliminated. The game would be more fun to play – and isn’t that what we all want?


Thank you.

#283734 Die schönsten Balance- und Techtree-Märchen

Posted Cheekibreekiivdamke on 13 January 2014 - 09:21 PM

Immer wieder kommen die Beschwerden darüber, ein gewisses Flugzeug sei zu stark oder ein gewisses zu schwach, oder die Forderung nach einem gewissen legendären Flieger, den man gern im Spiel hätte. Das betrifft häufig Russen oder Deutsche


Viele Spieler gehen beispielsweise mit der Erwartung an den deutschen Zweig, in einer 109, 190 oder 262 ein Überflugzeug zu haben. Wie sonst hätte die Luftwaffe gegen die alliierte Übermacht so lange standhalten können? Die Ernüchterung ist umso größer, wenn man im Kurvenkampf gegen so ziemlich alles verliert. Die Vermutung liegt natürlich nahe; diese diktatorisch regierten Russen (Spoiler: sind eigentlich keine Russen, dafür ebenso diktatorisch regiert) haben die Deutschen abgeschwächt, damit ihre eigenen Flugzeuge ordentlich abschneiden, die sowieso nur nach dem Motto Masse statt Klasse die Front überfluteten. Oft wird dabei mit lustigem Halbwissen aufgewartet (die FW-190 konnte eine Spitfire auskurven), das einer Diskussion nicht wirklich zuträglich ist.


Räumen wir mal mit dem Ganzen auf.


Die Deutschen verlieren im Kurvenkampf immer, das war sicher nicht so!

Doch, war es. Der größte Nachteil der deutschen Jäger (Bf 109 und besonders auch die spätere Fw 190) stellte sich bereits über dem Ärmelkanal heraus: Ihre geringere horizontale Mobilität im Vergleich zu den britischen Spitfire- und Hurricane-Jägern. Das ging den ganzen Krieg über so; auch an der Ostfront. Selbst gegen die amerikanischen P-38-Doppelrumpfjäger zogen sie manchmal den Kürzeren. Ihre Stärken liegen in der Vertikalen, in der End-, Steig- und Sturzgeschwindigkeit. Das gilt für die schwer bewaffneten zweimotorigen Zerstörer sowieso.

Ausnahmen bilden die FW 190 D und TA 152. Diese als Höhenjäger konzipierten extrem schnellen Flugzeuge wiesen eine schlechtere Steigrate als ihre Vorgängermodelle auf, wendeten aber fast auf dem Kreis, die Ta 152 konnte sogar mit Spitfires kurven, und das trotz der viel klobigeren Konstruktion. WG hat dies jedoch nicht implementiert, damit keine allzu große Umstellung erfolgt; als würdiges Upgrade für die schwer zu meisternden, doch in den richtigen Händen schwer zu besiegenden FW 190 A-Modelle.

Die Deutschen haben mit ihren vertikalen Fähigkeiten die Initiative und eine sehr schwere Bewaffnung, nutzt das entsprechend aus.


Die deutsche Wunderwaffe X fehlt!

Nein, die deutschen Düsenjäger waren keine Wunderwaffen. Das resourcenschonende, doch unzuverlässige Jumo-Triebwerk der Messerschmitt 262 und auch der Ho 229 (die nebenbei niemals als Stealth-Jet knapp unter Schallgeschwindigkeit konzipiert war, das hat sich Northrop als Marketing-Gag ausgedacht - im Spiel wäre sie wohl eine große Zielscheibe, bei der ein paar zentrale Treffer beide Turbinen, das Heck und vermutlich gleich noch den Piloten ausschalten würde.) hätte den Krieg nicht gewonnen, und auch ohne Hitlers Einmischung, welcher den reinen Abfangjäger Me 262 als Bomber missbrauchen wollte (und das, wo Arado schon die Ar 234 in Entwicklung hatte), wäre daraus nichts geworden; der Jumo blieb unzuverlässig, musste wie ein rohes Ei behandelt werden und die 262 konnte nur durch ihre extrem hohe Höchstgeschwindigkeit und Destruktivität gegen Bomber punkten. Sie war schwierig zu manövrieren, beschleunigte furchtbar und die Triebwerke hatten die Tendenz, bei plötzlichem Kurven, zu wenig Schub oder Lastwechsel auszuflammen und damit den Düsenjäger zum Segeln zu verdonnern. Das HeS 011-Triebwerk aus dem Hause Heinkel, welches politisch ständig blockiert wurde, wäre ein guter Entwurf gewesen und wurde in ähnlicher Form nach dem Krieg von den Amerikanern verwendet, schlussendlich scheiterte die Produktion guter und fortschrittlicher Flugzeuge am Eigensinn Hitlers, dem Opportunismus seines Reichsmarschalls und anderen politische Faktoren. Die deutschen Projekte, die im Spiel sind, sind stärker, als sie es eigentlich sein sollten - eine HG3 hätte auch mit den Heinkel-Motoren gegen eine F86 keine Chance. :child:


Und wer das "Kraftei" Me 163 haben möchte, sollte keine allzu großen Erwartungen darin setzen. Man könnte sich genauso gut auf eine tausend Kilometer in der Stunde fliegende Silvesterrakete setzen und hin und da mal ein paar Schüsse abgeben. Der Treibstoff würde nicht einmal für ein komplettes Match reichen, von den wenigen HP und den spontanen Explosionen durch das haarsträubende Treibstoffgemisch gar nicht zu reden. Das manifestierte sich auch im echten Leben - ganze neun Abschüsse fabrizierten die Dinger, im Gegenzug wurden vierzehn heruntergeholt, während die Unfälle in der Luft und am Boden noch Dutzende mehr sind.


Die Russen-Jäger sind viel zu gut, ihre Schlachter halten zu viel aus!

Der Russen-Bias ist ein immer wieder kehrendes Thema in so ziemlich jedem Spiel, das irgendeine Kriegspartei gegen die Russen/Sowjets beinhaltet (und auch im Konkurrenzprodukt, nebenbei). Dazu gibt es eine sehr gute GIF:




Das liegt daran, dass Viele von Mütterchen Russland nur minderwertige massenproduzierte Ware erwarten. Diese Erwartungshaltung ist jedoch Blödsinn; am (ziemlich simplen, aber sehr effektiven) Spitzenequipment mangelte es der roten Armee nie. Was sie jedoch nicht hatte, waren so hoch qualifizierte Streitkräfte wie die bestens ausgebildeten deutschen Landser. Schauen wir uns die sowjetische WWS (Luftwaffe) an:


Bei Beginn der Operation Barbarossa hatte die sowjetische Luftwaffe größtenteils den stark veralteten Eindecker I-16 und den noch viel weniger zeitgemäßen Doppeldecker I-15. Die Deutschen hatten bei Kriegsbeginn auch nicht unbedingt die besten Flugzeuge, doch 1 3/4 Jahre Zeit um das ein wenig auszumerzen. Auch die moderneren Entwürfe, die LaGG-3 (die von ihren Piloten aufgrund der Schwerfälligkeit unschmeichelhaft Lackierter Sarg genannt wurde) und die MiG-3 (tatsächlich schneller und wendiger als deutsche Flugzeuge, jedoch furchtbar instabil zu fliegen und unterbewaffnet) konnten nicht gut mithalten. Lediglich die Yak-1 war konkurrenzfähig; sie und weiterentwickelte Modelle bewährten sich während des gesamten Krieges über sehr gut. Als man die LaGG-3 mit einem Sternmotor aufrüstete (La-5), wurde sie ein den deutschen Jägern in fast allen Gesichtspunkten ebenbürtiges, wenn nicht sogar überlegenes Flugzeug, das aber immer noch in der Horizontalen besser war als in der Vertikalen. Der Vorteil der Deutschen hier blieb bestehen - im Spiel nicht anders


Als wegweisend sollte sich die Iljuschin IL-2 herausstellen; ihre dicke Panzerung brachte so manchen Jagdpiloten zum Verzweifeln, und ihre wirksamen Luft-Boden-Raketen und Bordkanonen machten sie zum gefürchteten Gegner der deutschen Panzer und Konvois. Die Stuka-Sprengbomben dagegen richteten gegen Panzer nur bei schwer zu erzielenden direkten Treffern wirklich was aus, und sprengten bei Nahtreffern bestenfalls die Ketten ab. Dazu waren die Ju 87 sehr schwach gepanzert. Dafür war ein Schlachtflugzeug ohne Jägerdeckung Futter; da WG im Spiel Frust vermeiden möchte, halten Schlachtflugzeuge extrem viel aus. Dies ist nicht aus irgendeinem Russenbias entstanden, sondern einfach aus Balancing-Gründen. Außerdem: Auf der anderen Seite ist das Gras immer grüner. Ich als passionierter Schlachterpilot finde nach wie vor, dass so ein schwerer Jäger meine geliebten russischen Ziegelsteien viel zu schnell zerlegt. Und wer die Feuerkraft zu hoch findet, soll es vermeiden, in die überschweren Kanonen eines Schlachtflugzeugs zu blicken, das jedes direkte Duell gegen einen gleichstufigen (schweren) Jäger dank der schweren Bewaffnung, vielen Trefferpunkte und auch mitunter Raketen gewinnen kann. 


Mit Waffe X ist nicht zu zielen!

An den Waffen sei hier exemplarisch geschildert, dass eine schlechte Kategorie nicht bedeutet, dass das ganze Flugzeug schlecht ist. Man muss das Gesamtpaket betrachten


Vor und während des zweiten Weltkriegs gab es drei Kriterien, nach denen eine Flugzeugwaffe zu funktionieren hatte:


1. Die Feuerrate, um die Trefferchance zu erhöhen.

2. Das Geschossgewicht, um den Schaden zu maximieren

3. Die Mündungsgeschwindigkeit, um das Zielen zu vereinfachen


Eine gute Lösung um alle drei zu erreichen gab es nicht wirklich, zwei waren das Maximum. Die meisten Nationen pendelten sich letztendlich auf das 20mm-Kaliber ein, welches einen ausgewogenen Mix darstellte, die USA spezialisierten sich mehr auf Punkt 1 und 3. Exemplarisch sei hier die deutsche MK 108 aufgelistet, ein brillianter Entwurf aus dem Hause Rheinmetall-Borsig. Das Geschütz war kompakt, schnell feuernd und extrem zerstörerisch. Der Nachteil lag in der Konzeption als Anti-Bomber-Waffe; die niedrige Mündungsgeschwindigkeit erschwerte das Zielen gegen Jäger. Schlachtflugzeuge massakriert die 30mm-Maschinenkanone jedoch zuverlässig - das kann ich aus leidvoller Erfahrung bestätigen. Gegen Ende des Krieges versuchten die Deutschen das Problem mit dem MG 213 in den Kalibern 20 und 30 Millimetern in den Griff zu bekommen. Es stellte sich wie so viele technologische Errungenschaften der Deutschen als wegweisend heraus, kam aber zu spät und über das Prototypenstadium nicht mehr hinaus. Die 30mm-Version wurde die geringe Mündungsgeschwindigkeit nicht mehr los, daraus entwickelte Versionen wie die im Spiel enthaltene britische ADEN oder die amerikanische M12 lösten das Problem. Jetzt werden sicher viele schreien, dass die Me 262 HG3 den amerikanischen, britischen und selbst sowjetischen (die IL-40p manövriert sie im Kurvenkampf glatt aus) schweren T10-Flugzeugen hoffnungslos unterlegen ist. Die Überlegenheit der plumpen, aber sehr schnellen Nachkriegs-Javelin der Briten und der amerikanischen Cutlass über die deutsche HG III wird jedoch durch einen ziemlich simplen Faktor ausgeglichen: Die im Vergleich mit anderen schweren T10-Flugzeugen (leichte Jäger ausgeschlossen) sehr großen und schweren Ableger der Zweige sind auf großen Geschwindigkeiten und Höhen sehr schlecht kontrollierbar und verlieren viele ihre Vorteile, wo die HG3 sich erst richtig wohl fühlt. Noch dazu sind sie extrem schwer und mit ihrer Deltaflügelkonstruktion furchtbar große Ziele. Stürzt euch nicht immer auf einen Stat.


WG will alles gleich machen und gute Spieler bestrafen!

Das geht nach Patches, in denen bestimmte Flugzeuge, die das Metagame ausmachen (=Das Flugzeug ist sehr einfach erfolgreich zu spielen, ein guter Spieler dominiert damit) immer gern über das Internet. Das Lieblingsspielzeug wurde generft, nun kann man damit keinen Gorowets nach dem anderen einfliegen! Gut bei World of Tanks am KV-1S zu beobachten - ein starker, einsteigerfreundlicher Panzer, der in den Händen derjenigen, die vom Spiel ein wenig Ahnung haben, rasch zur Massenvernichtungswaffe wird. Im Interesse einer guten Spielbalance (man soll mit jedem Vehikel/Flugzeug ähnliche Chancen haben, das Team Richtung Sieg zu schubsen, davon abhängig wie man es spielt, versteht sich), ist das nötig. Oft wird dann der mehr als blödsinnige Satz "Der Entwickler will alles gleich machen, am Ende schießen wir mit Wattebäuschchen in vollkommen identen Klassen aufeinander und Skill macht nichts mehr aus" vom Stapel gelassen.  Dass das nicht stimmt, wird sich den Meisten schon an der Tatsache erschließen, dass die Spezialitäten der unterschiedlichen Nationen (bspw. die Japaner, die fast alles auskurven können - außer andere Japaner) nach wie vor erhalten bleiben. World of Tanks ist nach vielen Jahren der Balance nach wie vor kein Einheitsbrei.

Besonders stark zeigte sich dies vor Patch 1.1: Vertikale Manövrierfähigkeit war vorher extrem stark und entwertete Schlachtflugzeuge, japanische und russische Jäger quasi komplett. Es dominierten die amerikanische Mustang-Linie und der gesamte deutsche Zweig. Um die Vielfalt aufrecht zu erhalten, änderte WG gar nichts an deren Flugleistungen, sondern ließ sie beim Steigen einfach mehr Schaden nehmen, vorhin verlief dieser Vorgang fast gefahrlos. Als Folge kann nun auch ein Kurvenkämpfer einem steigenden Gegner wehtun und ist wieder effektiver. Dennoch war der Aufschrei groß, als man plötzlich mit der furchtbaren Tatsache konfrontiert wurde, dass man nun tatsächlich sogar von anderen Flugzeuge als den Dominanten abgeschossen werden kann. Dass zwei Patches davor die Schlachtflugzeuge, eine kleine Minderheit für Liebhaber und Masochisten, noch härtere Nerfs einstecken mussten, war wiederum wenig publik. Vom Balancing-Aspekt her muss immer etwas getan werden, das hat nichts mit Gleichmacherei zu tun, es hält das Spiel am Leben. Was nützt die schönste neue Jäger-Linie, wenn sie mit der momentanen Spielphysik nutzlos ist und sowieso nicht gespielt wird? :glasses:




Der Thread wird konstante Updates erfahren, über Vorschläge bin ich dankbar. Einen Moderator bitte ich, das Ganze zu pinnen.

#22458 Public Offence and Punishment

Posted grim365 on 29 February 2012 - 03:23 PM

View Postsmuuuthy, on 29 February 2012 - 03:10 PM, said:

Responsible for leaks of confidential information from Global Alpha Test have been seriously reprimanded.

Read more here

I don`t get it. I`m sitting here constantly refreshing my inbox in hopes to make it into alpha, and these idiots only strive to ruin it for the rest of us.


Posted Kr4zy on 10 July 2012 - 08:05 PM

You need a new keyboard before you can enter.
Your shift key is stuck.

#209072 No gold event for EU?

Posted Prohibition on 11 October 2013 - 07:18 AM

New NA wowp beta event ( most of you have seen this), win 10k gold...


Airborne Challenge
Battles accumulated before October 11 will not count toward your totals.
If you complete 75 battles before official launch, you will receive 2,500 at launch!
Too easy?
If you complete 200 battles before official launch, you will receive 5,000 at launch!
Still too easy?
If you complete 350 battles before official launch, you will receive 10,000 at launch!
The best part: you can spend Gold in either World of Tanks or World of Warplanes upon official release.
Ok, WG seriously you start discriminating EU player base even in beta, couldn't have waited for release...
Beta should be the same for all player NA, EU and RU, wait for release than you can bully EU players with lack of information, bad events, late announcements like you did/do in WOT.