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Movable radar [1.4.0]

mod radar

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Lignar #1 Posted 05 June 2014 - 04:46 PM

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This is a standalone movable radar extracted from hryunomod v1.6.4.2. Created by hryunomonger, extracted by Lignar.

This mod is for people who would enjoy having a movable radar but don't want to use hryunomod for any reason.

Instructions can be found in the archive in res_mods\1.4.0\movable_radar_readme.txt


Download here


shot_0151.jpg shot_015.jpg shot_016.jpg  shot_017.jpg shot_018.jpg


Extract archive into your game directory.

Extract to your game directory and overwrite, delete movable_radar.cfg from res_mods\1.4.0\ , rename hryunomod.cfg to movable_radar.cfg


Edit movable_radar.cfg (in [game folder]\res_mods\1.4.0\) with notepad
        <posx>1380</posx>                      - distance from left border of the screen in pixels
        <posy>700</posy>                        - distance from top border of the screen in pixels
        <size>270</size>                           - radar size
        <borders>yes</borders>                 yes / no - toggles visibility of map borders on radar
        <zoom_save>yes</zoom_save>      yes / no - allows game to remember radar range
        <max_zoom>2000</max_zoom      - sets max possible range
        <rotate>yes</rotate>                      yes / no - toggles between radar rotating arund plane marker and plane marker rotating on the radar
        <bigmap>no</bigmap>                   yes / no - yes will make radar icons bigger and stop them from resembling other planes' relative vertical position
        <altstate>no</altstate>                   yes / no - enables / disables showing plane types on radar after pressing "Alt"


For default radar position set both posx and posy to 0.


Delete movable_radar.cfg and radar_zoom.txt in res_mods\1.4.0\
Delete hudRadarBgB.dds and hudRadarBgN.dds in res_mods\1.4.0\gui\maps\
Delete Radar.pyc in res_mods\1.4.0\scripts\client\gui\




Original hryunomod forum topic

Official hryunomod website

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Grolim #2 Posted 07 June 2014 - 12:44 PM

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Tnx! +1 for you.

Lignar #3 Posted 08 June 2014 - 10:47 PM

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Updated to v1.6.4.2


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