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Clanwars Tournament - Information and Updates

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Alpacalypse #1 Posted 18 September 2014 - 12:38 PM

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Full Tournament rules can be found below. In case of questions or unclear rules please refer to the Q&A Thread.

Plane limitations:

  • Teams consist of up to ten players.
  • Maximum tier plane is VI.
  • Every team may use up to 45 tier points. Every plane costs tier points equal to its tier, so for example, a tier V fighter costs 5 points, and a tier III heavy fighter costs only 3 points. There are however some limits and penalties to take into account:
    • Each player less than ten reduces the amount of available tier points for the team by one. So for example, a team of 8 only gets 43 tier points, a team of 5 only gets 40 tier points. To curb the use of teams filled with certain types of planes, the following rules are in place:
  •  Every heavy fighter after the third one costs an increased amount of additional tier points. Thus the fourth heavy fighter costs +1 points, the fifth +2 points, and so on.
  • Similarly, every tier VI plane after the third one costs an increasing amount of additional tier points. Thus the fourth costs 7 points and the fifth costs 8 points. The sixth would theoretically cost 9 points, which would leave 3 points for the remaining 4 planes and thus does not work.
  • A team roster must consist of a minimum of 10 players, and may include up to 5 registered reserve players, totalling 15 players (including captain)
  • Each player can play for only one team in any given tournament, cup or championship
  • A team roster may include up to 2 Wargaming.net staff, as long as neither of them is managing the tournament
Victory Conditions
  • Each battle lasts for 10 minutes.
  • To win a game, the team will need to destroy all enemy aircraft or win by superiority.
  • If a match ends in a draw, it will be rematched (see below for explanation)
Match flow
  • The captain of the team in the "top" part of each bracket should contact the captain of the team in the "lower" part of the bracket using Team Speak or in-game chat 10 min before the game is set to start
  • Captains should send each other the names of planes they are picking, one by one, starting with the team that is in the "top" part of their bracket
  • The captain of the team in the "top" part of the bracket creates a training room with the appropriate map for the given round and chooses the side for the first match, then invites the members of both teams - with everyone picking the planes declared by their captains (to make it easier to find your match, you can enter your match designation letters into the description)
  • When both teams are ready the game is started and played (Teams have 10 min total for this process)
  • After each match sides should be switched and plane picking (in chat between captains) should be repeated (Teams have 5 min for this process)
  • Both team captains should always take a screenshot of both the aircraft declared by each side as well as the result screen after EACH battle
  • After the round (all matches!) is over the screenshots should be posted in the Results Thread by the captain of the winning team
Rematch and replay:
  • If a match ended in a draw, the teams should play a rematch
  • For a rematch, the sides on the map should be switched and plane picks should begin again, as if it was another game (Teams have 5 min for this process)
  • In other words, a rematch may ONLY occur after a draw and teams are to continue switching sides and picking planes normally, until a winner is decided
  • A replay can only happen due to technical/connection difficulties and is different from a rematch
  • A replay can be requested if a player or team could not connect to the game, or the game crashed
  • A replay has to be requested by a team in game chat before any planes are spotted on either side, preferably before the game begins and players take control of their aircraft
  • Both teams have to agree for a replay in game chat before the game is abandoned - a team may decline a replay, but both this and requesting a replay should be used in moderation
  • A replay has to involve exactly the same aircraft and same sides for both teams and the  bugged/crashed/not connected game is not taken into account at all

Alpacalypse #2 Posted 19 September 2014 - 03:57 PM

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Schedule & Brackets
The bracket has been created - you can see it below, or the live version here. We have seeded the top teams from the previous tournament. The seeding numbers are shuffled, it does not specify anything.



Day 1 (01.10.2014)
18:30 CET - Teamspeak meeting with team captains - please participate as this helps us speed everything up and get questions and problems out of the way beforehand!
19:00 CET - BO3 - Adriatic - brackets A - H
20:00 CET - BO3 - Adriatic - brackets I - L and R - U
21:00 CET - BO3 - Plateau - brackets M+N and V - Y

22:00 CET - BO3 - Plateau - brackets Z+AA
Day 2 (03.10.2014)
19:00 CET - BO3 - Pacific - brackets AB+AC
20:00 CET - BO3 - Pacific - brackets O+AD
21:00 CET - BO3 - Fjords - bracket AE

22:00 CET - BO5 - Fjords - brackets P (and Q if necessary)

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Alpacalypse #3 Posted 02 October 2014 - 08:06 AM

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A total of 8 teams will be awarded gold prizes!
1st place - 8000  gold per player
2nd place -6000 gold per player
3rd place - 4000  gold per player
4th place - 2500  gold per player
5th place - 1500 gold per player (4 Teams)
The gold will be added to your World of Warplanes account and can be used either in WoT or in World of Warplanes. You can use it to extend your premium account across both games. 


In addition to that, first place team will receive HyperX FURY USB drives 16GB HXF30/16GB.

Grolim #4 Posted 02 October 2014 - 06:13 PM

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Result after first day:

arybow #5 Posted 03 October 2014 - 09:03 AM

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ohoh ,we didn't know this event happens ....so for sure we couldn't play .



We would have loose for sure ,but maybe we could have learn something by playing two battles vs a strong team ...





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Kejjak #6 Posted 03 October 2014 - 04:34 PM

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Good luck to the All team on the final round! :)

arybow #7 Posted 04 October 2014 - 12:57 PM

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View PostKejjak, on 03 October 2014 - 05:34 PM, said:

Good luck to the All team on the final round! :)


and thanks to the other team to be there just to have a walk-on part ....

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Alpacalypse #8 Posted 07 October 2014 - 09:58 AM

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1st place:

[DfA] Death from Above

2nd place:

[FC] Flying Circus

3rd place:

[303A] Dywizjon 303 A

4th place:

[GDWYS] Guys Who Dated Your Sister

5th place tie:

[303C] Dywizjon 303 C
[CA] Czech Air

7th place tie:

[EDFC] Easy Driver's Flying Circus

9th place tie:

[NG2] Engorilados
[AdA] Águilas de Acero
[GWDYSiT] Guys Who Dated Your Sister in Tuzex

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