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The fate of the La-150: 2nd Lavochkin branch

tier 8 premium La-150 La-156 La-174TK La-VRD La-11

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Zee7 #1 Posted 31 October 2014 - 11:16 PM

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With the tier 7 premiums recently introduced it is obvious that tier 8 premiums are near. We can expect to see them in the 1.9/2.0 patch (if not sooner).

My concern is the russian tier 8 premium. I think there is a chance that we will get the La-150.


For Alpha and Beta testers the La-150 is a familiar plane, because it was in the game as the tier 8 russian light in the Lavochkin branch. (Back then the La-7 was the upgraded La-5, and the La-9 was a very fun/OP tier 7 plane.)


Since it is already modelled and balanced it would be a very easy way to create a new russian premium plane.

But the reason why it should NOT become a premium plane is that it should be a regular tier 8 plane in the second Lavochkin light branch.

The La-150 has multiple airframe options: La-150 and La-150M

It could also have multiple engine options: RD-10 and RD-10 with afterburner? (La-150F) or just later RD-10 variants like on the Yak-15?

The La 150 would be similar to the Yak-15 but the La-150 would be faster which would be compensated with less health/weaker accuracy?


The La-150 should lead to the tier 9 La-156.


Lavochkin's continued work on straight winged aircrafts resulted in the development of the La-152, La-154 and La-156.

In the game we could have all of these on tier 9. The La-152 would be the stock aircraft. Its main advantage over the previous La-150 would be the higher firepower of 3x 23 mm gun (the La-150 has 2x 23 mm).

With an engine upgrade it could become the faster La-154.

(Altough a recently published book says that the reason the La-154 was faster than the La-152 is not a new engine but a reduced armament of 2x 23 mm...)

Finally a second engine upgrade and an airframe upgrade could made it into the La-156.


The tier 10 aircraft in the branch could be the last straight winged Lavochkin fighter the La-174TK.


Altough a straight winged plane seems unusual for tier 10, this plane was developed alongside with the swept winged Lavochkin fighters. It formed a comparison to the La-174D which was the second prototype of the La-15 (tier 10). Altough its speed is significantly worse than the other russian tier 10 planes it could be compensated with better maneuverability.


The La-150 could be researchable from either the La 7 or the tier 7 La-VRD maybe.



It was the first Lavochkin jet fighter. It has 1x 23 mm gun in each tailboom which means crap accuracy. It would be a very fast aircraft which makes its placement on tier 7 questionable. But maybe it could be balanced with weak firepower and maneuverability. If not this could be a tier 8 premium. Technically the La-150 is a single boom version of this aircraft.


Another option for a tier 8 russian premium would be the La-11 which was meant to be a longe range version of the La-9. It doesn't have a rocket engine and it comes with only 3x 23mm NS-23 which means less speed and firepower but somewhat better maneuverability.


Source: Soviet Secret Projects - Fighters Since 1945



Do you think we should get back the La-150 as a premium or you would also like to get it back as a regular plane?

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