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Fix for Spectator Camera Shaking in 1.7

camera mod shaking 1.7.0 xml

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Cheaterhater #1 Posted 19 February 2015 - 10:59 PM


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Hi everyone,


I think that many of you know the problem: You get shot down in a battle, want to spectate another plane, and... it keeps shaking from the left to the right. All the time. And disabling "Camera effects" in the game options does nothing.


But fear not: This can be fixed by editing a single XML file. Or, even easier, by downloading the attached XML file that I edited for you. The XML file itself is inside a ZIP archive. Therefore, download the archive, open it and extract the XML file into "res_mods\1.7.0\scripts\db" inside your WoWP folder (if the "scripts\db" subfolder doesn't exist, create it).


Next, you need to go into the "res\scripts\db" folder inside your WoWP folder and delete the file "cacheddb.bin" (if you are not sure, you can rename or move that file to a different folder, so that you can restore it later). Basically, cachedb.bin contains a cached version of the original camera_effects.xml, and we want the game to use our modded file, not the original one. Therefore, you have to remove that cache file.


If you followed the steps above, all the wibbly wobbly camera movements should be gone (except those when watching replays, that stuff is broken beyond repair). May this help everyone who is annoyed by this issue as much as I am :honoring:

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