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Grunex World of Warplanes League #1 - Rules

grunex league golds competition tournament

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Camel14 #1 Posted 03 November 2015 - 04:23 PM

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World of Warplanes League #1




- if any problems, feel free to contact us!


•    Tournament system: Teams make a single group (all teams make one group)
•    Matches: BO5 (3 winning games)
•    Play days: 

o    Tuesday: 17 - 21h
o     Sunday: 17 – 21h

•    Registration deadline:     27th November 2015, 20:00

•    League starts: 1st December 2015, 17:00      
•    Results: players will post the results and screenshots in result thread on forum
•    Tier: max. tier 6
•    Tier Point: max. 36
•    TeamSpeak: password: 999999
•    Team members: maximum 8 players


Complete rules:

•    Every team will be made of 6 players + maximum 2 substitutes 
•    Captain must know English on proper level
•    Registration deadline is 27th November 2015, 20:00
•    When the registration is closed, teams that have more than 8 or less than 6 players will be disqualified!
•    When the registration is closed, teams can’t change their players until the whole group stage is done or will be disqualified
•    Between group stage and play-off, team can exchange maximum 2 players
•    Team captain will register his team in registration thread (link: http://forum.worldofwarplanes.eu/index.php?/topic/39942-grunex-world-of-warplanes-league-1-registration/)

    Group stage:
•    Every team, which doesn’t proceed into the play–off will receive 4 000 (8x500)g

- But the team must play all rounds! Not just register!

•    1st place – 56 000 (8 x 7000)g
•    2nd place - 40 000 (8 x 5000)g
•    3rd place - 28 000 (8 x 3500)g
•    4th place – 16 000 (8 x 2 000)g
•    5th – 8th place – 12 000 (8 x 1 500)g
•    9th – 16th place – 8000 (8 x 1 000)g

Tournament system:
•    The league is spread into 2 parts:

- Group stage: Teams are in a single group. Team plays 2 rounds every play day with the same opponent (home and away match), each in BO5 format.

- Play-Off: The 1st 16 teams will proceed to the play off (Single Elimination tournament). Here the teams will get better prizes according to the position.

•    Group stage starts on 1st December 2015

Play days:
•    Tuesday and Sunday from 17 – 21h
•    Captains will talk to each other and discuss the time of their matches. Teams will play a BO5 match and after this, they will change (the away team becomes the home one) and play the other match
•    Current time-table link: http://league.confraternity.cz/

•    When the registration ends, every team will receive a PM with logins to the TS3 server. Here, every team will have its own private room
•    Before the league starts, there will be a short meeting
•    Every captain must be online on TeamSpeak when playing their matches


Plane restrictions:
•    Planes must be T6 or lower
•    Exactly two Heavy Fighters must be used (not less or more)
•    Two GAA or Multirole fighters must be used (not less or more)
•    Premium planes are not allowed
•    Every plane can be used once in team

•    Example line-up:    

Player 1: P51A

Player 2: A6M5
Player 3: Me 410
Player 4: Mosquito
Player 5: F4U-1
Player 6: Il2 (d)

•    No map restrictions
•    The home team selects any map for the match

•    Every match is BO5 format (3 winning games)
•    The team will play 2 matches against every other team (home and away)
•    Both (home and away) matches with the same opponent will be played in 1 play day
•    Every game takes max. 10min (600s)
•    To win a game, the team must kill all enemy planes or gain and maintain supremacy
•    If a game ends with a draw, it will be repeated (same rules as Game restart)

Game assembly:

•    All games are 6v6

•    The home team captain will create the training room with map their team had chosen, will choose the side for the 1st game
•    Teams have max. 5 minutes for preparation when the room is created

•    After every game, teams will change sides and team can exchange players
•    Both teams must take screenshots with team results from every game
•    When the match (max. 5 games) is over, captain of the winning team will post the result and screenshots to the forum captain of the loosing team will confirm the result


Game restart:
•    Team can ask for a game restart only because of technical issues!
•    When restarting the game, teams doesn’t change sides and can’t exchange players
•    Restart can be asked max. 3 times per round (we don’t want a 2hour matches)
•    The team can ask for a restart BEFORE the 1st enemy plane spotted or BEFORE the 1st supremacy point from the ground targets

•    Captain of the winning ream will post the result and screenshots of the team results into the proper thread on forum (link: http://forum.worldofwarplanes.eu/index.php?/topic/39925-grunex-world-of-warplanes-league-1-results/)
•    Captain of the losing team will confirm the result or make a protest





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Timetable filled, little mistakes repaired

Camel14 #2 Posted 09 December 2015 - 02:40 PM

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Hello guys,
because every playday i must solve misunderstandings, sending proposals a few minutes before the deadline, inability of finding convenient time for both teams etc. I must proceed to the step of establishing a fixed times. 


So by this moment, every playday has a fixed start time given at 20:00 CET. If the teams can not play by this time, they can give a proposal to the other team with different datetime. But THE OTHER TEAM MUST AGREE with it. If the opponent does not give a clear agreement, the team can not consider shifting the match datetime as confirmed (i mean only sending a PM with something like "we want to play different time").

If the enemy team does not show up until 20:10 CET, please make a screenshot enemy team did not show up and post it into the results thread.


This update will be also sent to every captain in PM message so everybody would know about it.

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Camel14 #3 Posted 01 February 2016 - 06:59 PM

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The "player exchange" week shifted to 1. - 7. 2. 2016



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