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Contest KURSK 2016 "Night fight assault"


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DeatH_Line #1 Posted 21 June 2016 - 03:38 PM

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Hello everyone,


1OFF1 clan is pleased to announce that it reissued this time at European level the challenge "KURSK" who gave pleasure to many of French players last year.



Because in addition to being one of the largest tank battle that was also one of the massive aircraft commitments: 1 060 fighters, 940 Ilyushin Il-2 , 500 daytime and 400 night bombers. Taking into account the 2750 other aircraft, able to intervene , the Soviets lined up a total of approximately 5400 planes.



The rules of "night fight assault "


Introductory note:

This event was played last year in France. Due to its good feedback, Clan 1OFF1 would like to give other countries in Europe the possibility to join in.

In the future we hope to be able to organize the event on a yearly basis.

All comments are welcome at the end of the event. Thx.



All players must register before the event takes place on 28th June.

Two cases of registrations:

  •     More than 700 battles in game

Each player must register by offering two types of aircraft (1 in each third: T5 AND T6) regardless of the nationality of the aircraft.

  •     less than 700 battles in game

an exemption may be allowed ( less than 700 battles ) and registration carried out with a single plane (third at choice T5 OR T6).

Entries not complying with these rules will not be taken into account.

First come, first served, supernumerary players will be considered in terms of replacements.


How to register (before 28th June):
Please indicate


    your exact nickname in WOWP:
    aircraft 1 in T5:
    aircraft 2 in T6:
    your actually TAG team:
    your nationality in 3 characters:
    if you have more or less than 700 battles using the + or - sign:
    your level of English (elementary, intermediate, advanced, not speaking):
    if you want to be a group captain (yes or no):
    I have read the whole rules and I'm agree with(yes or no):


Why we need a registration with two planes:

In fact, all of the participants will be classified regarding different info. When this is done you will be assigned to a group with a plane T5 OR T6 (for organizational reasons depending on the number of participants). In any case you will play only one plane but you must have two planes until the beginning of the challenge. Groups are set up according to specific rules so that each player can have a chance, which is why you must register before 28th June. Latecomers will be accepted only if there are places available (or in the case of absent players). Please check TS in the dedicated channel and we will see (45 min in advance of the start). If you have enrolled for the game and are unable to participate, please let us know as this will enable other players to subscribe.


Allowed planes:

<>·T5: JU 87 G, Hs 129 B, IL2 ; IL2 (mod)

<>·T6: JU 88 P; IL2b



free _ bombs allowed but targets cannot be bombed.

(Each team dropping one or more bombs will lose their match, a tolerance of 3 damage points by set exists but no more. For example: if a whole 4 points target is destroyed, the team responsible loses the match).



On Saturday 2nd July 2016 from 9.00 p.m. (please connect onto TS before 8.45 p.m. )

If there are more than 120 participants, play will continue on Sunday 3rd July (same time). Please make sure you are available.
Specific information for this case (more than 120 pilots) will be communicate on 28th of june.

Expected duration:

3-4 hours (we hope to finish no later than midnight).

If there are more than 120 players, the same hours will apply on the Sunday.


The aim of the game:

1 / Have fun!

2 / to please everyone


Number of players:

Min 24 (6 teams)

Maxi 120 (12 teams)


Team's organization:

Teams will be chosen by the organization 48 hours before the event in order to have well-balanced teams in terms of values of players and airplanes. So, all teams have chance to win!

A team captain will be appointed by the organization on the eve of the event, or you can volunteer to be captain of a team before the event.

Please note that teams formed before the event are not allowed.



• 1 round of groups of 3 or 4 teams: win in one round.


• Direct elimination table; victory in 2 winning sets (Best of 2)

For all rounds (groups and elimination), there will be the same restriction on ground targets.

A team who produces more than 3 points of damage on ground targets(3 authorized maximum) will be considered as having lost the game.

The chosen map will be unveiled on the day of the event; all matches will be played on this map.

It will not be necessary to disable the target compensation.


Team composition:

In teams of 6 or 12 players, structuration:

<>·4 planes third V and 2 planes thirds VI


<>·8 aircrafts third V supplemented with 4 planes thirds VI

(Depending on the volume of registered and aircraft available)


A short brief for group captains will be organized on the day of the event at 8.30 p.m.


 TS3 :

Mandatory !

We will manage all players on a server Team Speak 3 which differs from that usually used; please note:

IP :

(For the event, it will be: Kursk2016)

It will be accessible only on the meeting days.
A player who came with no connection on TS will not be take account for playing.



The screenshots, results of matches will be posted after each match by the team captains ( Maybe on the clan OFF Site; www.clan-off.esy.es in a dedicated area or directly in WG forum: decision will be communicate at the briefcaptains).

Results will be published on the OFF Site’s (www.clan-off.esy.es) clan but also in Wargaming Forum (Place where the registration has been done).



The expressed litigation will be considered and solved by the organizer clan. Their decision is sovereign.



Prizes are available from the Wargaming Team implication, special thanks to them!

It is expected the following awards:

Premiuim days, special planes, ... but no gold.
We are actually waiting for...so we will communicate on, as soon as WG gave us an answer...

1st team ==>

2nd team ==>

3rd team == >

4th team == >




A special jury prize of "something" will be awarded to one participant, whatever his/her final level.


Thank you all !

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DeatH_Line #2 Posted 25 June 2016 - 07:29 AM

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Hi guys

Here are the reward for the 4 first teams, each member of each team will have (depend of the result)




Block Quote

WINNER :                             Vickers Venom   and his hangar place + 1 premium day
SECOND PLACE:               He 100 D-1        and his hangar place
THIRD PLACE:                   3 premium days + 2 hangar places
FOURTH PLACE:               Ki-8 and his hangar place




It's not too late for register!



Lord_of_Rhinland #3 Posted 01 July 2016 - 11:04 AM

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Désolé, mais c'est un truc imprévu qui est apparu et je dois travailler samedi soir au bureau. Bonne chance à tous les participants!

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