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Russian experimental attack airplane "Alexandr Nevsky" 1917

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Kubanetz_Ilya #1 Posted 11 August 2016 - 01:07 PM

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I apologize for bad English!

Sikorsky hasn't stopped after creation of the Ilya Muromets bomber. He has developed the Alexandr Nevsky plane. In the project, to the offered Emperor, it was told "With him we will win war". Construction has been approved, and the prototype has been built and tested.
The plane was externally very similar on "Ilya Muromets", was only larger. In the project the specified arms correspond to more attack airplane, than a bomber.

Ilya Muromets (Alexandr Nevsky will have very similar appearance):

Characteristics of the plane:

Speed: 230-250 km/h

Wing-mounted weapon: 2x37mm (~ 60 rounds per minute - not 600), 2x76,2mm recoilless guns

Rockets: 10x127mm

Bombs: 32x50 kg or 18x100 kg or 4x500 kg or 3x650 kg (bombs can be established together with rockets)

Defensive weapon: 2x25mm on rostrum, ~5-7 heavy MG 12 mm or 15,24 mm

In WoWP this plane as an attack plane at the low levels will have the quite good speed and powerful arms, however maneuverability will be bad. It will be easy to get to him from other planes as he will have the big sizes, however at the same time he will be well protected by heavy machine guns.

What do you think of this plane?

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