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Mstraat #1 Posted 15 September 2016 - 12:31 PM

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Dear WoWP community,


I have some questions that i want to ask, mainly about how to play this game. But also some about the game in general.


1. Im pretty traumatized by a game i played in my P-38F. I went to about +/- 3000 meter altitude to perform boom and zoom attacks on my opponents. Unfortunately i was the [edited]of a spitfire and a Yak. Both of those planes perform better at a (much) lower altitude according to game mechanics. Yet they where at this altitude and i got wrecked. Totally. How is this possible as i am supposed to be the better plane that performs better at this altitude? They where (nearly) as fast as me. The only problem regarding speed is that i cannot out fly bullets that are coming for me. Both of those planes where also outmaneuvering me at this altitude. What should i have done? what can I do?

2. In general, I am getting owned by bots all the time. Hardly i ever do more than 100-200 damage (in my L-16/ FW 190 A-8/ BF109F and P-38F) because after my first engagement (first attack run) i spent most of my time on the defensive. Dodging and trying not to get killed. This is very depressing. Than even to consider that i am never the first to attack! I've learnt by trial and error that if you go first that you get a swarm of planes after you and get killed almost instantly. What to do?


3. I bought a FW A-8 premium plane because i am/was enthusiastic to make something of it. Sadly I am struggling in this plane. As it seems that everyone gets to high altitude immediately, it seems that it is dangerous for me in this plane to stay at medium altitude (where this plane belongs according to the game). If i do this i get boom and zoomed by everyone who is above me. I do a little bit better if i go to higher altitude, but then again there are heavy fighters and fighters (like the Bf109, mustang and all the heavy fighters) who totally kick my [edited]at this altitude. It is also very difficult for me to keep and overview of what is happening around me. What can i do better in this plane?


4. What are the future plans for this game? Is WG developing a new strategy for this game? Is there even being worked on this game at all? the developers blog doesnt provide that much information regarding major changes to make it more popular.


5. I am quite shocked by how much XP you need at high tier. This is mainly concerns the modules. I was looking for a heavy fighter line to grind and found out that one of the higher tiers has 2 engines to research each ranging between 50-60K XP. And then we havent taken into account the XP you also need to unlock better guns! Why is it so extreme? I dont earn a lot of XP per game, so to me it seems like mission impossible. I hope that your comments can help me to change it to mission is possible.


*Don't get me wrong, Its not a tirade. I just want to know how to play it better. I still kinda like this game, enough to return to it after i fail horribly*




Alrion1704 #2 Posted 15 September 2016 - 01:17 PM

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in general as HF you just to try to fly away from your enemys cuase near everyone is more maneuverable as you are.

3k is not bad, but did you try to go 3.5 or 4k? some maps have higher stat altitude so sometimes its easy to get that high.

/more will follow

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jakub_czyli_ja #3 Posted 15 September 2016 - 02:59 PM

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1 - what kind of Spitfire and what kind of Yak? Mk I and/or 1 respectively, or maybe Mk V and/or 1M? Or maybe even Mk IX and 3?


Usual stuff is that you should just record a replay and share it, then we could be more helpful.

omglaserspewpew #4 Posted 15 September 2016 - 03:42 PM

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1. It seems to me you haven't learned how to BnZ properly yet. When handled in the right way, P-38F and J should be able to stay out of reach of Spits and Yaks. Now, the devil is in the "right way" detail.


You need to be aware of the fact that HFs aren't necessarily faster than LFs. What they do better, is, they retain energy better in simple maneuvres due to their higher mass. Meaning, you really need to be careful what you do with them, or you lose too much energy and that means you''re unable to zoom (meaning, run away) anymore! You should never make tight turns in a BnZ pass! You should use flaps and throttle cuts very sparingly, only if it really nets you a good gun solution! Or, if you approach the upper speed barrier. After that, you point your plane at 45 degrees up and just let it fly and if you do it properly, LFs can't touch you for at least a couple fo passes. After that, use boost that you have aplenty.


Practice makes perfect, it took veterans thousands of matches to be where they are today. There are some planes that punish every mistake you make in a BnZ, such as Me 210, 410 and Hornet, but P-38s really aren't among them. Oh, and if you miss a lot on a pass, don't mount the biggest cannon. It's not easy to hit with it.


2. WoWp can be brutal for newbies once they get above tier 3. Certain mechanics become more pronounced and planes are shot down a lot quicker due to more powerful weapons and better bots. You can have a bot nibbling at you for 10 minutes at T2, but at T5, you're dead in seconds if you get a good TnB plane on your butt. The answer is - learn. You have a lot of guides on this and american forum. You will need a lot more than ~400 battles to get a grip at this game; most of us needed thousands. But you need to persevere. Play tiers 4-6, they're best for learning. Don't go higher until you're comfortable.


It looks to me that you're mostly screwed once you get a bot on your tail. Bots in good TnB planes can be a huge nuisance even for veterans. This is why you need to get a knack for your plane's strengths and weaknesses and firstly, not get into a position where a bot can exploit your weakness, and secondly, know how to maneuver to shake him off.


Example: Mustangs are great altitude vertical fighters, but they don't turn very well. To evade Yaks, you need to stay high at all times, where Yak has a hard time to catch you. Etc. Second example: FWs are bad turnfighters, but they roll really fast. That's why you use rolling to quickly change directions, and neither Zero or Spit will be able to follow you, only Yaks, which also roll pretty well. Etc.


When you're more experienced, you will usually meet bots with rolling scissors, which they have a hard time to cope with.


3. Bad move. Firstly, you bought a high tier premium before you knew the game. Don't do that. Only buy premiums at tiers that you have researched in the normal way! Secondly, FWs are not newb friendly, as they require horizontal BnZ tactics, very good gunnery skills, perfect energy management and roll-based evasion. Third, A-8 just isn't that good of a plane. Sorry, but I suggest you put that plane on ice for until you're comfortable at T7.


Oh, and you should always go as high as possible, no matter what the game tells you. There are exceptions and you will understand them when you know more, but for now, you should just go as high as possible.


4. We get Japanese Army line of planes pretty soon. After that, we know as much as you do.


5. You will earn a lot more exp as you get better. You will also learn to use all the missions to your advantage. And, you will get lots more xp the higher you get in tiers. 1500 xp matches is reachable at T9+ even for average players.

Leirix #5 Posted 16 September 2016 - 02:30 PM

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It is simple. Play 5.000 games and then ask. Forgive  me, but with 370 games, you have no pilot skills. The enemys, that destroy you, have. :) I played over 5.000 in closed beta and i still needed a 15k games to play GAs solala. Patience! That's the word i was looking for! :teethhappy: If you don't have, this isnt your game.

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Eil_Zustellung #6 Posted 16 September 2016 - 10:30 PM

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View PostRaspadSistema, on 16 September 2016 - 10:16 PM, said:

so you must have 5000 battles to be worthy of asking leirix a question.


You should also sacrifice 2 goats, pray for 2 days, clean your mind of all doubt and climb the long stairs towards the Leirix the divine.


Your comment is ever so funny. I really had to laugh.

But even though it's not easy to admit, Leirix gave a perfect fair answer here. So I like his comment.

And yours as it is funny.


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Eil_Zustellung #7 Posted 17 September 2016 - 01:05 PM

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View PostRaspadSistema, on 17 September 2016 - 08:50 AM, said:

actually no. If you see someone has less than 5000 battles and you see he is doing good on lower tiers, and he asks you for advice, will you reject him?

i helped some people from balkan area. Explained them the basics, the importance of attitude, speed and such.

When i had paused for some time, one of those guys reached tier 10 without problem. Too bad he is inactive again.


I get your point. And no. Of course advice for players with less than 5000 battles shouldn't be rejected.

"omglaser" answered and explained all points very good and detailed.

So I actually thought it was a fair hint with missing pilot skills. Both skills: while flying and the skills you can give to your crew.


n0_f4k3 #8 Posted 17 September 2016 - 01:34 PM

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I played one or two battles more then 5000. Will Leirix now talk to me?

Iam a little bit scared at the moment!

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