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tiny step towards WoWP promotion?

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MayyoNaise #1 Posted 10 October 2016 - 11:34 PM

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you know these big rotating banners they have on the premium shop front page? I just noticed that at the moment out of the seven slots that thing has 3 are occupied by planes, 2 by ships, 1 by tank, and one by this new game WG made. also the slots that are used for the planes are not on the last positions (rotation wise).


part of me wants to see this as a sign that WG maybe may have done this to ever so subtly direct players attention towards WoWP. like as if they where saying: "hey look WoWP still exists and we are not hiding it! we are even putting offers for it where everyone can see them." also they added a lot of the premiums that until recently only where available ingame for gold directly into the webpage. which makes a bigger appearance to the user who may have ended up taking a look around.


slowly going towards advertising, to get more players into the boat planes would be a great sign in my opinion.


...or maybe its just 'sleep deprived me' who is seeing the things he wants to see.

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