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Hedgehopper Tournament: Rules

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Hedgehopper Tournament

Team size: 6 players + up to 2 substitutes
(Each player or substitute can only be part of a single team, of course.)

Plane tier: Up to T8, maximum 45 tier points per team*
* In case you lack players, it is possible to start a battle with less than 6 players. For each player missing, your maximum available tier points will be reduced by 7. (For example, your maximum tier points will be 38 if you play with only 5 players. However, you can only register a team for the tournament if you have at least 6 players.)

Plane type requirements: All planes that can be regularly purchased via the game client and that do not exceed an optimum altitude of 2000 m are allowed (they must be on the complete list below). Only one plane of each type per team is allowed (e.g. you cannot have two Seafangs in one team, but plane classes do not matter at all if they meet the requirements.) Complete list of all planes that meet the requirements:
T8: Spitfire XIV, Seafang, NC 1070, J7W1, F2G, Me 329, IL-20, I-260, Yak-15, La-9, La-11
T7: J4M, Meteor, Spitfire IX, Ki-84, A7M, XP-75, P-47N, F4U-4, Me 265, Fw 190 A-8, Yak-9U, IL-8, IL-10, Yak-3RD, Yak-3, La-7
T6: all regular planes except for P-38J and Bf 109 F
T5: all regular planes except for P-38F

Rule change by community vote: No banning!
Each team must ban one of the T8 planes that is on the list above. Banned planes cannot be used by any of the teams in the next battle.
Picks should be made by turns (like 1-2-2-2-2-2-1). You can make bans and picks before each single battle of a match (but you do not need to if both teams still agree with the picks and bans of the first battle).

Maps: Maps will be announced by the tournament organiser for each round (after the brackets are made). The map pool will include: Asian Border, Pacific Ocean, Plateau, Canyon and possibly one or two more.

Duration of a battle: 10 minutes

Victory condition: Destruction of all enemy planes or victory by superiority

In case of a draw, the battle will be remade (using exactly the same planes, players and map side).
In case of technical problems, a battle can be remade only once per team per match if no plane of the other team has been spotted (this applies to the mini map notification of ground attacks, too!) The call for a remake must be made using the in-game chat and confirmed by the other team. Screenshots should be taken of every call for and confirmation of a remake. 


Side switching: After each battle (except for draws and remakes), sides must be switched.


Tournament system and organisation:

  • Double elimination system according to challonge.com (teams will be distributed to brackets at random, there will be no “seeding”.)
  • All matches except for the finals will be “best of 3” (; this means you need to win two battles to win the match). All finals will be “best of 5”.
  • The team captain of the team that is the “upper” team in the bracket has to open a training room with the correct map and 10 minutes duration of battle. (Make sure that everyone’s plane in the training room is visible to both teams.) He must contact the opponent team’s captain at least 10 minutes before the scheduled start of the match. Planes will then be picked and banned as mentioned above, and the members of each team enter the training room with correct planes. After both teams’ captains have confirmed that their teams are ready, the match will be started.
  • After a battle, you have 5 minutes maximum to switch sides and to make changes to plane bans/picks, if desired.
  • Immediately after all battles of a match have been finished, the complete results of all battles must be posted in the “Results” thread by the captain of the winning team. Each battle (victories and defeats alike) must be documented by two screenshots showing 1) the battle result screen (map and time of battle must be visible), 2) complete team setup (team results screen).
    Very important: In order to avoid delays, battles must be started no later than their scheduled time. Team captains have to make sure that the members of their teams join the training rooms on time and with the correct planes.

(It is advised to take screenshots of the plane picking process and resulting team setups.)


Rule enforcement:
The creator of the training room (= captain of the “upper” team in the bracket) must make sure that the battle is started on time. A battle can be started as soon as the scheduled time is reached. If one of the teams is not complete (or not all chosen planes are correct) at this point of time, the battle can be started regardless (without incorrect planes), taking into account the reduction of maximum tier points (7 points less for each player missing).
If the battle cannot be started in time, the team that is not responsible for the delay is allowed to claim a technical victory for this battle (but not necessarily for the whole match). Any claim for technical victory must be supported by screenshots posted in the “Rules Enforcement” thread immediately after their creation. Examples for possible technical victories: Opponent team’s captain cannot be contacted; training room is not correctly created; no valid planes are chosen.
A simple technical victory is only applicable to the first battle of a match. The next battle is then scheduled to start 10 minutes after the first one should have started. If both teams are complete and ready then, the rest of the match will be played normally.
It is possible at any time to surrender and therefore grant a technical victory to the opponent team for a single battle or for the whole match.

Important: Each call for a technical victory due to a rules violation of the opponent team and each surrender needs to be proved by screenshots posted as soon as possible in the “Rule Enforcement” thread. Additionally, he tournament organizer should be contacted via teamspeak to speed up the process.



Depending on the number of registered teams, the tournament will be run on two to three days. The exact schedule will be announced after the brackets are made. Starting day will be Friday, 3rd March 2017, second day will be Saturday, 4th March 2017. In case the finals will be played on a different day, this will most likely be Friday, 10th March 2017.
The first matches are scheduled to start at 19:00 (CET) 20:00 (CET). At 18:30 (CET) [changed to] 19:30 (CET) there will be a short meeting on teamspeak with the team captains.
Important: Sufficient comprehension of the English (or German) language is necessary to make sure the rules are understood as they are meant to be and to prevent misunderstandings. (The team captain is the one responsible for communicating with the tournament organizer and for passing on the rules to his team mates.)

Teams can be registered in the following thread: Registration thread
Registrations close 01/03/2017, 23:59 (CET)


Prizes (kindly provided by Wargaming):
1st: He 100 D-1 (T5) + slot
2nd: Venom (T5) + slot
3rd: Ki-8 (T2) + slot
(According to WG additional prizes may be distributed depending on the number of registered players.)

Additional information:
Each registered team will get a password protected channel on DFA’s TeamSpeak server (deathfromabove.eu). It is mandatory for the team captain to be in the respective channel while their team is still in the tournament.

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