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Poll: REVERSE TO V1.9 (668 members have cast votes)

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You like the new V2.0 ?

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    Percentage of vote: 89.07%

  2. I'm in love with V2.0 KEEP IT (73 votes [10.93%] - View)

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mancer55 #301 Posted Today, 02:09 PM

    Airman Basic

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1., Game looks better, maps look a lot better. Post effects are making the game blurry too much.



1., There was a match i crashed out on loading 4 times to get into the match again. CTDs are frequent, and no its not my rig that crashes.

2., Individual effort is useless in any plane, while bombers can cap a base alone.

3., I dont even know how to get tokens any more.

4., People have no clue how to play so sometimes i end up 9/10 losses.

5., 10+ minutes for a match which is okay (less wait more fight) but on losing you get almost no xp even for superb individual performance (=10+ minutes of time taken for nothing)

6., Nonsense daily missions...

7., Friend list gone as of today i cant even play with buddies. WTF really....

8., UI is a piece of *Edited.

9., Flight model is nonsense and varies from 1.9 on many planes. bombs have no effect on flight and handling.



Im tired of this. You gave us a bad beta, nonsense handling, non-informative hud and forced teamplay where people cant play.


I dont even see the old player names i used to meet all the time. WTF just happened to this game??? Nice job wg.


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__MATT #302 Posted Today, 05:56 PM

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all wg staff members care about is editing our comments if they have swear words...


funny, isnt it?

no_wing #303 Posted Today, 06:09 PM

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View PostNohe21, on 23 October 2017 - 11:06 AM, said:

*Deleted multiple Off Topic and Non Constructive posts. Remember that discussing about moderation actions, other games and illegal activities is forbidden by the Forum Rules.


Thank you.


593players or 89% dont like 2.0 do you care about this?


or you care only about your money?

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Dito_Le_Ouf #304 Posted Today, 06:20 PM

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View Postno_wing, on 23 October 2017 - 07:09 PM, said:


i dont give a s... about what is forbidden by wg and what not
after you greedy capitalists stole the effort and the money of the playing veterans
now everything is usless, useless skilled pilots useless gameplay
usless wowp
and of course YOU are useless too



__MATT #305 Posted Today, 06:24 PM

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View PostDito_Le_Ouf, on 23 October 2017 - 06:20 PM, said:





wlatopa #306 Posted Today, 06:55 PM

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CLISSEFIGE #307 Posted Today, 08:24 PM

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and game doesn't look better, graphics were not improved.

Some additionnal effects and maps were introduced and they look as good as with 1.9,  but "2.0 improved graphics", I guess,  nothing was improved.

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