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Poll: REVERSE TO V1.9 (907 members have cast votes)

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You like the new V2.0 ?

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majid_HD #1221 Posted Yesterday, 06:41 PM

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View PostMikhail__, on 20 February 2018 - 12:03 PM, said:

I spent 4000$ and also dont have stable 60 FPS (got drops to 45). But they fixed the game a little bit after the last update and now its playable and enjoyable.



2.0 has too many unnecessary thing...

easy defender bots which are not fun to kill, those easy airial targets are really easy to kill fight with them is not challenging or fun, you just have to waste your altitude and kill them.

they just take some of your CPU and GPU .

the neutral team is a teribble idea.a game with 3 teams is not fair for one of them, it's logic! it's a fact!


too much of AA barrage just are on the nerves of player, imagine they remove AA and test the game with player, then they add AAs and ask him do you like it ? of course he say wt* is this.


unnecessary clouds and fog ! when planes are far they are invisible and when you get close enough they will be visible suddenly so what's the point of fog and clouds ? a lot of players has low fps and can't enjoy the game for what ? to have more realistic weather on an arcade game ?


have you ever tried the minimum graphic setting ? after that the appearance becomes like a very bad game but still low fps ! and you can't see what's going on around, you can't recognize the enemy is going which side... I played many game which looks really better and I have no problem, example WarThunder , Heliborne, battle feild ...


majid_HD #1222 Posted Yesterday, 06:48 PM

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what you see in 2.0 (actually you can't see anything)


what was in 1.9

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thebaboon #1223 Posted Yesterday, 07:36 PM

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Sorry to say but i have to delete this stupid waste of hdd space ! WTF?????? Dumbest "update" for a game ever and im not even supergood player just a medium player

damn i hate this new game.

why not keep both?

Lucky there is warthunder its awesome compared to this copy.............


Mikhail__ #1224 Posted Today, 05:06 AM

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View PostBravelyRanAway, on 20 February 2018 - 05:07 PM, said:

He means he bought a very good computer to play WoWP's.


I bought strong PC to play games like Witcher 3 on 4K resolution all maxed out. But still cant get stable 60 FPS on WOWP...


Even without SLI in WOWP one GTX 1080 and i5 should be enough to run the game in 4K or 1440p.

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majid_HD #1225 Posted Today, 05:01 PM

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last month just 4901 players in hall of fame

last day 3089

more info here


first time we asked reverse back to 1.9

we told them our reasons and they just told don't cry 2.0 is more popular

now where's the 2.0 player ?


now strongly I can say 2.0 is a failure reverse back to 1.9!

and I'm sure some guy who likes 2.0 if they play 1.9 they will like it too! ,most of them has no idea about 1.9 they thinks 1.9 is some think like earliest version 1.0 and 1.1 ..


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