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some tip for newbe to have better performance in game

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zed22 #1 Posted 12 October 2017 - 07:15 PM

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some tip if you have very low fps or see micro freez in game


wowp use  BigWorld engine that somehow different from 1.9 ver of game

but still it have limitation in giving good performance with high end hardware. don't expect much to see fix 60fps for now with patch 2.0.


game still use directx 9 and that means it's still  lack a lots of advantage of multicore support and etc

becuase of this, having high IPS and better solo core performance is better than having more core at this moment.


game is more CPU bottleneck than GPU bottleneck ( i see 90 fps or more in some place of map with GTX 750ti in max setting but in fireball fps will drop under 60fps very fast)


the system recomand by WG is:


intel use Intel Turbo Boost Technology for having more MHz in less core by default in all core ix cpu(if mainboard do other thing it's not standard mode)

AMD also use Extended Frequency Range ( or XFR ) to have more MHz in less core in new gen ryzen cpu.

- i don't have information about AMD FX to have somthing similer or not but there is a way to improve performance in amd old gen.


that mean's if you make game focus to 2 core at the moment ( becuase it won't use more than 2 core  - 1 at max other at 20-40% ) you will have better performance.

you can do it by going to task manager and right click on  process file of world of warplanes by chosing 2 read core and set what core it should use.


- if you have intel cpu with Hyper-Threading Technology - use even  numbers for cpu core - 2,4

let the core 0 free for system ( if you only have 2 core and 4 thread use set cpu core 0 and 2)

- if you have intel cpu without Hyper-Threading Technology - use standard number  for cpu core 1,2

let the core 0 free for system ( if you have only 2 core set cpu core 0 and 1)

- if you have amd FX or APU of old gen that use Clustered MultiThreading or CMT, use the even number of cpu core 2,4 to aviod game using odd number of core in game.

becuase odd and even number of cores have some share part that decrease performance in game like wowp becuase of design.

-if you have 4 core series of old gen amd ( that all APU of old gen amd ) use cpu core 0 and 2.

if you have ryzen Rx cpu, depend of number of core in CCX, cut the number of core in half and use the uper number of core. example:

4 core, set cpu core 3 and 4.

6 core, set cpu core 4 and 5


- other thing, set cpu priority of  wowp process to high in task manager.


i don't recommnd anyone use integrate GPU but if you plan to use it, set it so game won't use gpu much or don't make cpu power/heat limit.

i recommand set the graphic setting to low but change water quality from very low to low and  render quality to medium or high.


- if you set  water quality to very low, because of rendering of water, you can't tell how much distance you will have  from water.

- render quality will look worse, better use smaller resolution than this setting.


last thing i can say:

if you normally use  vertical sync in your game. don't use it or you will have a lots of momment in 30fps and see some spark of 60 fps.

if you can play without vertical sync i recommand you to disable it.

if you have free sync/gsync monitor, adjust it to use in 60-30 fps game.

there is also a way to use sync by gpu driver if it hit 60 fps or 30 fps always fix:

- for nvidia go to your nvidia control panel, chose world of warplanes game ( or add your game to list if not exist ) and set your vertical sync to " adaptive"  if you can hit 60 fps or "adaptive half refresh rate" for fix 30 fps

- for amd user there is 2 way to do it ( sadly i don't have amd gpu for testing can only give you information)

- use Dynamic V-sync Control (DVC) from this site for using in old catalist driver.

- use Frame Rate Targeting Control in new AMD Radeon Software Crimson Edition to limit fps in game + if you know what you are doing, also test Radeon Chill, maybe have luck.

if you use laptop, clean you fan and air hole to make them cooler. also for guys who didn't clean their pc from ice age, you should also do.


hope it will be useful for new 2.x player

good luck:)

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Spikey_The_Cat #2 Posted 15 October 2017 - 06:45 PM

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Thanks very much for this information. Very useful.

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