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some problems with WoWp

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Wolfliner #1 Posted 19 October 2017 - 03:38 PM

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if i start the game, there comes the log on screen, in the upper left corner are two buttons "go to forum" and "report an error", but both links are death, i get the "report an error" button some times but nothing happens.

If you dindt want that someone report a error or to get to forum from this place u should take the links away, i was a little bit irritated.


The daily mission for secret project:

i done all three level mission (in case "Under Cover" this was one of the easiest mission) I-VI / V-VI / VII-X but in no one was a part of a bomber... c'mon, if u make all submisson u get a token and no bomber part? thats a bad joke, in the last 10 crates, there was no bomber part inside, thats frustrated.


I have a Mission where u take a multipurpose fighter and attack/defend an command center... but bad if i dindt have a multirole fighter at VIII or higher... ok, ok it's my bad, but i fly in tier I-IV more then 20 times and dindt find a command center, if there are an command center on that tier?


The other mission is to get 20.000 base xp for defending cap zones, i skip it and get a new one, now i should get 20.000 base xp for fighting in german or japanese aircrafts... a bad joke, or?

i understand in daily missions, that u get every day some mission u can make it on that day, not u need to complete the mission in >days<.

It take a long time to get 20.000 base xp (without any modify) and it count only if you "Win" the game... really? i make the task and was frustated, u get in good games 1.500 xp but most under 1.000 and then u must win the mission that it counts, now and after this waste of time i get a create with no 100% cance to get a bomber part in... its joking and if you skip it, you get nearly the same mission again...pffff c'mon dont make it so difficult to get bomber parts.


in WoWs i make some task to get the Graf Spee and now the russia Battleship and some others, there was also difficult missin within, but you can handel it, here i have the feeling that is a little bit to much.

i dont know if u read this (i hope so) then think about it, that i like the game and i play it but i dindt can sit 8h/day and fly...and fly... and fly to get the mission conditions complete.

please take out this useless "win" conductions in hughe accumulat of base xp or stagger it with tier classes.


(a and sorry if my english is not so good, my days in school where i was teaching in basic English are now more then 20 years ago and i dindt have so much exercise in it.)

n0_f4k3 #2 Posted 20 October 2017 - 04:44 AM

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Take care that they dont update WoWs into Woyrd (World of yellow rubberducks)

It's not about
Win or lose
Because we all lose
When they feed on the souls of the innocent
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