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Pilot skills Guide

Guide Pilot skills

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eekeeboo #1 Posted 25 October 2017 - 11:41 AM

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OK let's try this again without the forum eating my post! 


This will be for beginner pilots who are looking for an idea where to start off. Others will have their own opinions and ideas, here are mine.


I do not see any real benefit over the other options to taking eagle-eyed or fire resistance skill, crit hits will happen anyway and you should always take a fire extinguisher in to your games if you don’t want to burn. At the moment increased view range isn’t going to give you as much benefit as the following skills as you will usually know where the enemy will be going (to the sector objective) if they aren’t there, then they’re not helping their team and you hunting them is not helping yours.:facepalm:


Light, Heavy and Multi-role Fighters:


Marksman I (2 skill points) — increases shooting accuracy by reducing weapon spread by 5%. Note that this skill is most effective for aircraft that are armed with particularly inaccurate weapons like machineguns, and close and medium range cannon batteries. For “sharpshooter” machines like the Yak-9 this skill will be beneficial only when shooting at extreme range. This skill stacks with all kinds of weapon sights available in the Upgrades panel. With gun sights that's 15% better accuracy.:izmena:


Marksman II (3 skill points) — further decreases weapon spread by 5% and improves accuracy when shooting at a maneuverable target by 10%. In terms of game mechanics this means that you will score 10% more hits when aiming at a lead-compensating aiming point imprecisely. To purchase this skill Marksman I needs to be purchased first. With gunsights you have not got your overall accuracy up to 20%, 25% when failing to lead aim accurately.:playing:


I suggest Engine guru next:


Engine Guru I (2 skill points) increases engine power by 3%. This affects both the acceleration rate and boost effectiveness. This skill can be nicely augmented with Engine Tuning equipment.

So with the engine tuning your plane now has 8% more go go power.:child:


Engine Guru II (3 skill points) — further increases engine power by 2% and additionally adds 2% to maximum speed. To purchase this skill a pilot needs to purchase Engine Guru I first.With the engine tuning upgrade you now have 10% more go go power which is no small amount especially in higher tiers or fast boom and zoom planes.:great:



For Ground attack aircraft and heavy bombers you will first want to focus on:


Demolition Expert (2 skill points) — increases damage and splash radius for rockets and bombs by 15%. When you need to get the most from your bombs and rockets.


I would then advise engine guru to help you get to your targets faster and help you out run some of the slower planes. 



The following skills are very dependent on the aircraft, suggesting you choose these last if you like the play style:


Aerobatics Expert (2 skill points) — increases the maximum rotation speed over all axes by 2%. Stacks with effects provided by Lightweight Airframe, Control Surface Adjustment equipment, and Reinforced/Heavy Duty Control Surfaces consumables. – The good old I16 and Japanese planes.:kamikaze:


Expert Rocketeer (2 skill points) — improves the chance of scoring a direct rocket hit on an enemy aircraft. With this skill it will not be necessary to hit the aircraft dead on, the rocket will explode and deal damage even when passing the target at close range. This is an exceptional skill on planes like the BV P.210.:trollface:


The following seem really useful at first glance until you realise they only improve the equipment you put on the plane not the plane itself.


Aerodynamics Expert (3 skill points) — improves the effects of the following equipment by 20%: Polished Covering, (Improved) Aircraft Polish, Lightweight Airframe, Control Surface Adjustment and Improved Flaps. Basically this skill increases the effect provided by modules that increase manoeuvrability and maximum speed. This is a skill where you want to either push the maximum level of manoeuvrability or the speed of the plane that little further.


Protection Expert (3 skill points) — provides a 20% boost to modules that improve aircraft survivability. Those are Concealing Livery, Improved Covering, Reinforced Airframe, and Additional Armor Plates. When installed, these equipment pieces decrease the chance of critical damage to aircraft, and increase HP points and durability under anti-aircraft fire. This is extremely useful on the new heavy bombers where you want to help increase the defence against that AA combined with your livery.


For special pilot skills these will depend strongly on the aircraft and the role it needs to play. I’d be happy to create a guide/information on those too if the desire is there, but I wanted to keep this one succinct and brief. I can also add advice on rear gunners if there's enough interest. 

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