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Rear Gunner skills


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eekeeboo #1 Posted 27 October 2017 - 11:01 PM

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Skills to prioritise


Regardless of whether it's a heavy fighter or a ground attacking plane I will take the following as they are universally helpful, and likewise work with equipment and are cumulative with each level of research


Armorer (2 skill points) — increases the turret salvo duration by 20%. In practice, this means that it will deal significantly more damage, especially if the target stays in the firing sector for a long time.


Ballistics Expert (3 skill points) — increases the effective firing range of a turret by 15%, and adds 20% to the effectiveness of the Rear Gun Stabilization equipment. This skill will be most effective for aircraft equipped with long range turrets — their gunner will be able to engage a target much earlier than most enemies as they approach their effective firing range. To purchase this skill you need to purchase Armorer first.


My next main skill, sometimes before ballistics expert depending on the calibre of rear gun: 


Precision Gunner (3 skill points) — significantly increases the chance of dealing critical damage to enemy aircraft. This probability becomes close to the settings defined for forward-facing armament.


Last skill to choose or if you're in something that gets focused a lot and you need as much surviveability as you can get: 


Defensive Fire (3 skill points) — provides a 30% decrease in incoming damage from targets that were being shot at by the turret in the last 2 seconds. Historically, defensive fire was the main task of a gunner, denying the enemies a chance to approach the aircraft from an optimum position and take aim.


The next skills are great for people who struggle to do manual control of your rear gunner, but don't give you as much any more compared to the above. Some exceptions might be 360 turret rear gunners, but i would still take the above skills first. 


Quick Reflexes (3 skill points) — decreases the time the gunner needs to take aim and open fire by 50%. As you know, the turret needs several seconds to zone in on a selected target, during that time the aiming shots deal only a fraction of the normal damage. It is only once it takes aim that it starts dealing the nominal damage stated in the aircraft’s characteristics.


Weakest Link (5 skill points) — one of the most powerful skills for gunners, which allows them to focus fire on the least durable target among those in the firing sector. Keep in mind that this does not mean the turret will prioritise enemies with less HP in general, but considers how damaged an enemy is. If there are several aircraft with full HP in its range it will pick targets according to the general mechanics, and if one of them is damaged it will focus on that one. The more damaged an enemy is — the higher its priority.



Skills to avoid


The first 2 skills skills that I don't take unless they're a filler point because they don't get rid of that plane behind faster than the other skills. 


Endurance (1 skill point) — decreases the probability of gunner injury by 20%. An injured gunner, during the red critical damage state, stops firing altogether, and after it passes and turns into a yellow state he will shoot less effectively.


Vigilance (1 skill point) — adds 20% to the view range in the rear hemisphere sector for which the gunner is responsible.


_se7en #2 Posted 28 October 2017 - 07:35 AM

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Pretty straight forward, thank you for this. I hadn't considered the aspect of cun range/caliber when it comes to ballistics expert vs. precision gunner, so thanks for that. o7



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Horcan #3 Posted 30 October 2017 - 01:24 AM

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I think Weakest link should be changed/removed, or reduce its cost, now that you can get into rear view and pick the target yourself.
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