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Positive constructive suggestions & recommendations & thank you from the community to WG dev...

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SamuraiShakaViking #1 Posted 31 October 2017 - 02:09 PM

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Dear WG & WOWP Communiy, old and dew


Thank you for your attention.


Please post here only  POSITIVE, CONSTRUCTIVE suggestions and recommendations for our game going forward.


My list for one is:


1. Please keep the anniversary / birthday cake and candle  feature! It was unique and makes you feel special and appreciated, and buy more plans. (wot and wows never had this great WOWP feature.)


2. Please continue to offer the cool bundles as you always have, and please don't alter your always  interesting combo packages, especially their very attractive discount package pricing: again unique and compelling; irresistible (wows and wot lacked this too). The more economical and affordable the package, the more you will sell (economies of scale).


2a. Many Veteran players are somewhat collectors, and of your occasional offer of gems, not in the store or tech tree. Please remember your history buff fanbase and premium purchaser collectors and aviation and history fans, who keep buying on discount because you keep it affordable, exciting and interesting to be.


3. Please continue your marketing and rewarding community marketing, rewards, innovative bundles and packages. It has won over a loyal and recurrent fanbase and purchaser base. Please dont change your winning formula.  It is a winning recipe. (WOWP has always been better at this thatn wot and even wows (except SEA  server); this is a sure way to beat war thunder for example).


4. Thank you to WG, and especially a BIG congratulations and compliments to the Marketing person and team in WoWP, and researchers and designers / digital renderers of the planes, my compliments, whomsoever all these years has kept me fascinated with the planes and irresistible innovative bundle packages at very discounted affordable prices, for all, so even if I don't need the planes, I buy them anyway to supplement the collection and have a stunning hangar of models. It is huge fun to try out and fly a new plane, whatever tier. Keep the fun in the sales for the game as you have so far. (stay unique as WoWP, please avoid the WoT or even WoWs way. Keep WoWP the high standard marketing & PR you always consistently have, giving much pleasure to many aircraft and aviation enthusiasts.  (PS I hope soon we can get scale models in the merchandise store too!)


Keep it up! Spasiba, efxharisto, Thank you guys and gals in Pr Marketing and sales/

dreambill #2 Posted 31 October 2017 - 02:20 PM

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Licking WG for e freebie maybe ? With all the above it might work. :trollface:

jakub_czyli_ja #3 Posted 01 November 2017 - 10:58 AM

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Brown text color should be used.

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