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Win only Versus Any battle token missions

winrate tokens dailly missions

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DirionScrab #1 Posted 27 November 2017 - 07:02 AM

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I noticed a couple of times  that there are very similar missions one of which has the win only and one of which doesn't  in the  2 specific examples I know  about


'Earn combat points for  defending sectors' (10 tokens) the win only version requires 20K Points the other (Invincible) 25K  ( leave aside this requires 100/125 KIlls where you have to be in  a very specific area of the map)

'come in the top 5 of your team for x'  Win only requires   3 completions other 5 so 3 mission is only better if you have >60% win rate 


It seems to me (and i am probably as or more guilty than many)  that this does not  encourge best practice in trying to win?

I think that similar to  WOT winning gives 65% bonus to  xp and credits plus the times 2 for first win but to a degree this just happens and it doesn't make a huge difference if it is  55% OR 65% of the time, especially if you care more about tokens thant  xp and credits.





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