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STOP those broken asymmetrical maps

Albion asymetrical

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_Desper #101 Posted 19 August 2018 - 03:09 PM

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View Postbug, on 19 August 2018 - 02:00 AM, said:

I hate it when halfe of your team (bots) spend all game follow them bomber squadrons, or you and all other (if there are) humans are in fighters while all bases are plants and military bases....

Just the idea of having bases like that when 95% of games are with less than 4 humans is nuts.


Exactly, most funny thing is that the bots don't even kill single AI bomber, even if half of your bots is trying.. I agree with all. These are the little annoying things which add over time and makes everyone quit sooner or later.


The worst unbalanced map of all is Albion: Trump card with two plants on one side and two command centers. The side with command centers have like 90% chance of win even if played by afk players. Just take the centers and they will win the map for you. Easy fix would be to change respawns to be in middle way of plants and command centers so players would choose where to go.

The plants are pretty useless if you don't have GAA player, bots need too much time to take it, there are no defense planes so no way to take it with fighter. 


Over all the biggest rubbish and bane of the conquest are the command centers, there are plenty of maps which have two of them. You are forced to kill AI bombers for whole battle or loose, they are spammed so fast you can't do anything else. Because AI bombers will cap any base in one pass. Typical rubbish map for that is Road to Rome: trap, I really can't stand this map anymore. 


Albion for me is best looking map which reminds me old Lighthouse, so I like it most. Is also newest so not so overplayed. We really need more maps. 

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