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What is your worst plane?

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Mournfull #61 Posted 19 September 2019 - 10:56 AM

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I've persevered and got the Russian Bombers up to tier 7 specialized but I hate them.


Too many blind spots for the turrets and you need to fly low in comparison to the German bombers for the bombs to hit which means the flak or air defense rip you to shreds. The plus side to them is a very quick bomb reload time which is about the only thing I find decent about them.


I don't see many players using them compared to the other nations bombers, for example the German line in the tech tree and when you see tier 7 bombers it's almost always the B-32.


I tend to stick with the planes I struggle with to make them work so they are specialized in the end but this line in the tech tree really sucks in my opinion.


I need to add the tier 4 tech tree Russian ground attack BSh-2 is pants as well. I do far better in the German one Fw 189 c. And I think it's because it is slower and doesn't have a tail gunner. The tier 5 and 6 ground attacks from the Russians seem better than the German though and then they seem to be on an even game field from tier 7 to 10.


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Ziptop #62 Posted Yesterday, 07:40 PM

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BSh-2 is indeed a flying coffin.

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