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RoussosPhenomenon #1 Posted 25 July 2018 - 09:03 PM

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Hey Guys!!!!!

For those that don't know me! I am The RoussosPhenomenon!

I am a 31 year old Aussie Dude who is passionate about most things.. average at best at them, I've been playing WoWP since early December Primarily on the NA server, however I have accounts on both NA and EU, and will be creating an AS account in the coming days/weeks. 


I started streaming WoWP on Twitch pretty much as soon as I started playing, and almost immediately the community began coming out of the wood work.. I pride myself on making as genuine and honest as possible content as I can and try to integrate myself into the play base as much as I can to help build the community and bring in new players. I've done (with the help of alot of people) Weekend Events in the Training Room with Full Player Games and Giveaways, as well as doing my best to create positive and fun content.

I enjoy WoWP because of the ability to create a free flowing flight experience with out the frustrating traits of other titles that are available. I also enjoy the intensity of the scenarios you can get involved in, in some battles. I like the variety of aircraft available... but I'd always like more... I'm a Massive advocate for Fixing Bugs first before new Content, But i'm also along for the ride just like everyone else.

but, In terms of content, if you want to check out anything that I do or have done, I have a bunch of VOD's on stream that anyone can go check out.

Thank you to My AMAZING group of people who have supported my channel and helped me grow it into what it is now and is becoming for the future. also Thank you to Eek for giving me the opportunity to help grow and be a part of the process that will build this community and player base into something really rad!

feel free to come along and check out any of the content I have available here at www.twitch.tv/roussoss 

Cheers and o7




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