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Clan Contest Ideas: [BBMM]

bbmm clan Beer Belly Master Mindz contest

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Timewarp76 #1 Posted 01 August 2018 - 06:55 AM

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Hi All,


At the end of June Beer Belly Master Mindz created an internal clan contest called "Top Pilot" which was a success and we had a lot of fun. I've reached out internally for ideas on a new contest planned for September-ish timeframe and I thought I would ask you the WoWP community for your ideas as well. We have our prizes established for the contest in September a (Tier II, Tier II and Tier IV) plane, but we just haven't confirmed the actual theme of the contest yet. 

Just to get your thoughts going. In June we conducted WoT contests as well as a WoWP contest. The WoT ones were for example.....

  1. While in a BBMM platoon, have the highest total platoon assisted damage but only the lowest xp of the platoon can submit to win. This was dubbed the "Carry Me Contest" and it was a hoot and a lot of fun.
  2.  Top assisted damage while in a platoon
  3.  Top industrial resources gathered within 7 days
  4.  Top discord poster over 30 day timeframe
  5. and we also had our Top pilot contest below is the flyer.


If any of you have some interesting ideas please post them we'd be very interested to hear your thoughts.

[BBMM] Beer Belly Master Mindz (recruiting) - English Speaking - Mature
If you are interested in having some fun and hanging out with a good crowd, look us up! Our primary  game language is English and we have members from all over the EU and even a few Americans living in Germany as well. We are typically online nightly around 2100 CET. Feel free to stop by and say hi, our voice server is Discord here is the link https://:  discord.gg/mezA43q

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