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What is Boom and Zoom?

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Grandal_Nikon #21 Posted 02 November 2018 - 06:49 PM

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Oh there, oh there... Goner you move a little backside and I will not be able to get out of the BF109 without losses. :unsure:
A bomber flying like a string is an easy frag.

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anonym_32bOyLluvSuR #22 Posted 14 February 2019 - 02:06 PM

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I'm glad I read this.as instinctively I have been doing this.

I'm new to wowp but I am a veteran of flight sims and I am a plane buff.

So I pulled a couple of immelman turns and Cuban 8's which where effective.

Just waiting to research a good twin engine to try diving attacks.

Sorry for the poor spelling.

I have a 3D brain and used to fly radio controlled aerobatic aircraft in competition.

Been trying to pull off a knife edge but need a little more powerful plane.

Ziptop #23 Posted 06 August 2019 - 06:06 PM

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Loads of good tips here for anybody dropping in for the first time. 


My own tip (in 2.0) - With the present game mechanic (and my own lack of aiming skills with a joystick) BnZ seems a multi stage tactic.


My first first attack run usually doesn't kill. It's like a tap on the shoulder, an invite to chase me. Dive or Drive in fast, get as good a hit as possible and...


If you are planning a vertical escape...don't.

There aren't many aircraft in the game that will really let you pull this off and too many canon equipped aircraft or ones with enough boost themselves to make you feel the pain if you simply try and climb out. 


What I have found works for me is a gradual increase in pitch up during the first phase of my escape followed by a boosted pull up into a steeper angle. 

Ideally you get chased but the near horizontal phase puts good distance between you and your prey and by the second steep boosted climb they are either commited or target fixated and don't notice their own increasing pitch and reduction in speed.


Finally. Once you see them start to wallow. (or slightly before if you have Jedi master timing and know it's going to happen before they do.) pull over, nose down and finish them off. 

(I've not managed to pull an actual rudder hard over in WoWp - I think the flight model is too simplified to allow a hammerhead turn? I end up just pulling a loop, but this takes time and if it's badly timed they can already be recovered enough to raise their nose at my dive.)


Final phase...run like hell. (Because now you might not have much boost left and have probably attracted attention from other aircraft.


When all the stars align it's a beautiful thing, beautiful enough to keep trying it even when it sometimes doesn't work out so well but as pointed out elsewhere in this thread, one kill like this takes much longer than a TnB fighter might take in a frenzied furball.


Please note. This will not work for you in lower tier biplanes, nor does it seem to work so well in the heavies anymore.


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apartclassic #24 Posted 06 August 2019 - 06:21 PM

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Keep in mind one other thing, which seems to be a little more important with the current mechanics (i.e. stall removal) - there is both vertical and horizontal BnZ. One plane will be better suited to vertical (high climb rate, good boost and energy retention), other might work with horizontal (acceleration and high cruise speed, lower optimum altitude). Many bots do the horizontal type, when flying suitable plane. Adjust and find out what feels more comfortable for you.

You have reached your quota of positive votes for the day

Piq_Mastika #25 Posted 07 August 2019 - 06:06 AM

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Fast 109E BNZ guide:

BOOM: During the dive, I'm following the enemy from above with short salvos (this overheat is epic). I don't even try to climb back fast, until I notice I'm focused. Even with Polished skin I can maneuver fine vs MRF and HF. When a LF or MRF starts to outmaneuver me I know it's time to vanish.


ZOOM: Vertical escape only vs Yaks and A6Ms. Horizontal or <45º steep vs any other LF and MRF. Don't fly straight when escaping Yak MRF. Don't try to speed escape from HF - only maneuver vs them.


BOOM vs GAA: Dive and make spiral at the last 1km. this kills the speed and lets you to do more damage.


If I see specialized P-51A, 109F or Spit V, maybe I will be outplayed, everything else is smashed.

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jankers_1 #26 Posted 11 August 2019 - 08:28 AM

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View PostAnCh, on 12 September 2018 - 12:21 PM, said:

I am sorry to ask but I really don't understand how is the target working in that video. The crosshair seems to be off most of the time and sometimes even the trasors are way off the target that is still damaged.

Can you tell me why I see that? Is some kind of lag when using replays? 


I do not want to reduce from the beauty of that game (I consider it very nice to watch) but just to lighten me on why I see those discrepancies. Or maybe I am looking at it wrong.


P.S. Where can I find some mods that are allowed to use in this game? I need for a better visibility of crosshair and to quickly identify the AI bots.

 Find "Dr. Sinister Mod Pack".  I'm using it both in NA and EU.  It is a legal mod well known to WoWP WG.

It does exactly what you want:

It identifies bots with a * before their name.

It provides a variety of sight configuration "crosshairs", circles actually, with and without centre dot as well as coloured versions of other information appearing on your HUD.

There are other choices as well.  There are pictures posted on the site of what the various combinations look like.  All aiming devices turn from pink to red as you heat up your guns.


If you want to clear all choices from the game to try something else, go to "Res mods" folder in your in your WoWP folders and use the uninstall option then go back and try different configurations until you find one you like.  Just leave the tab with the res mods folder open but minimized, then do another installaton you want to try out.  You'll probably have to try several before you get the setup you want.

If you pick tracer or coloured ammo, be advised that you also get the effect on everybody else's plane too, so if you pick tracer, for instance, in a dog fight there is so much tracer image on the screen you can't see to fight.

Coloured ammo can be helpul for a while, with it's different colours for cannon and machine gun but I found after a while that the blocks that represent the fired ammo got in the way.  I'm about to switch back to regular ammo optics.In the end, the most consistently useful tool is the asterisk * before the bot names.


Know, also that every time WG releases a patch it kills the Mod Pack and Dr. Sinister has to put up a new patch every time there is a mod patch pushed in by WG.

He is very reliable about getting the new version up in a few days which is exceedingly nice of him considering he doesn't even play the game any more so be patient.  It will be posted.

Google "Dr. Sinister Mod Pack" and pick "repository - Wix.com" about the third Ggl entry down and go through his simple menu system.  You'll want to book mark Sinister's site because it's a pain to find everytime there's a patch if you don't have the bookmark.

I find seeing the robots in the pre-game listing and during the game quite helpful.

Good luck

jankers_1 #27 Posted 11 August 2019 - 08:32 AM

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View PostAce42X, on 01 November 2018 - 05:47 PM, said:


I've spent most of my (limited) time in the game trying to get my 109 E-3 to BNZ effectively with its specialist pilot.  I find pretty much what you're describing to be the case, with a litany of problems.

The issues I'm having with BNZ are as follows:

Time spent getting into position to swoop is time spent letting the enemy shoot team-mates.

This is exacerbated by trying to get an extra 10% DPS out of the pilot via the nosedive skill, which means I can't be outside of a 45 degree cone above them - nor let them leave that cone for the duration of the strafing run (anyone know at what point nose-dive shuts off?  It seems to be based on speed / angle, but not sure what the hard limits are or if there's a delay before the effect ceases?).


I can't get single-pass kills – If I come in steep to nosedive, the engagement period is too low to deal much damage; if I come in shallow I still need to overstay my welcome in order to finish off the kill with MG spray after my AC's overheated.
Will try the above advice to use flaps / brakes to keep speed just under yellow and thus extend manoeuvrability and engagement duration to see if that helps nail juicier kills.

I can't get away unscathed – Even a super steep dive pulled up into a boosted 45 degree-or-steeper climb with me well into yellow speeds on exit just seems to result in me losing half my HP to incoming fire as my victim just uses boost to approach my speed and stay within effective range long enough to punish me as much as I punished them.
Again, maybe flaps + brakes might let me recover from the dive quicker, and thus the speed and energy lost to flaps / braking will be mitigated by getting into a steeper climb quicker and thus the boost being faster, but that seems counter intuitive when I'm trying to use the massive amounts of speed generated by the dive to just get-out-of-Dodge.

I struggle to re-engage a target that survives – between exiting their effective gun range, getting back into a high-altitude position, and conserving energy whilst trying to get them back in front of me, we're back to issue #1:  A lot of down-time which my "victim" can spend either positioning to engage me; contesting CPs; or shooting up my team-mates.

I seem to lose head-to-head trades against turn-fighters I'm diving on – I seem to be out-gunned even with improved-sight autocannons getting a 10% nosedive bonus, which would kinda make sense against heavies, but against everything else?  Ouch.  It seems if I want to survive I have to break off even engagements like this that would seem to favour me – which potentially lets me survive, but costs me some HP in the egress (maybe all of my HP if they can keep in range with boost long enough to follow and kill me as I break off), and again brings us back to the initial issue - wasting time.

So TL:DR – I get the impression that the "boost" mechanic is powerful enough on defenders to successfully punish BNZers before they escape; and that some BNZers (E-3, cough) lack the damage output needed to make effective use of each strafe.


So ram him, you're probably heavy enough to survive unless you're down on Health.



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