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eekeeboo #1 Posted 08 August 2018 - 12:32 PM

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This Topic is a place where you will find answers to your most frequently asked questions from the following topics. 


Common Questions



Technical Questions



In-game Questions



Recent "Hot Topics"



You may also be able to find answers to in-game mechanics and changes by visiting the world of warplanes developer blog

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eekeeboo #2 Posted 08 August 2018 - 12:34 PM

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Common Questions


1. When the next update is released?


All the information concerning updates and new releases are announced on our official portal and through authorized channels like WG streams. 


2. Is there any cheat codes in the game?


The game is designed in such a way that all operations take place on our servers.  The client only sends commands and gets results from the server. There is no possibility for a player to use an "aimbot" or "hack" to get better damage. 


3. What is "bonus code" and how to activate it?


The bonus code adds various bonuses to the game account: gold, credits, airplanes or premium account, depending on the type of code. Bonus codes can be found inside promo-disks, booklets and other souvenirs World of Warplanes as well as community events and as prizes. You can activate your code here


4. Can I give silver / gold / aircraft to a friend? 

Yes if you use systems outside of the game client, using the services of a premium store.


5. Is there common game currency in tanks, planes and ships?


Currently only the following are shared:

a) Premium account time is shared between World of Warships, World of Tanks and World of Warplanes. 

b) Free experience shared between World of Tanks and World of Warplanes only. 

c) Gold is shared between World of Tanks and World of Warplanes only. 

d) Silver/Credits is not shared between games. 


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eekeeboo #3 Posted 08 August 2018 - 12:38 PM

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Technical Questions:


1. Where can I find my screenshots?

Screenshots are saved in (Default Path):

C:/Users/Pictures/World of Warplanes


You can take a screenshot by pressing the "PRT SCR" or Print Screen button on your keyboard while in the game client.


2. Where can I find my replays?

Replays are saved in (Default Path):

C:/Users/Videos/World of Warplanes


Replays are automatically recorded if you have the mark over here:


3. I cannot buy a plane though I have enough credits; and other problems with wrong data in the hangar.

Most of the errors with hangar displayed are cured with a simple procedure of clearing the cache.


To clear the cache:

1. Open up WGC;

2. Go to World of Warplanes;

3. Click the arrow next to the play button;

4. Click "Launch the game and clear its cached data".


There's no automatic cache cleaning as it will lead to the hangar downloading for the long period of time. 


4. I cannot sell any more aircraft from my hangar. 

There is a daily limit on the number of aircraft you are able to sell per day. This is a safety feature to ensure compromised player accounts cannot have their hangars emptied completely with short term access. 


5. Can I use Mods?

Please note that Wargaming.net does not prohibit the use of "skins" and other modifications, but does not encourage modification of the game client. 
Wargaming.net is not responsible for the performance of the game with modified files.


6. I keep having bugs or crashes in game. 

The best thing to do is to still submit a ticket to customer support with as much information as possible detailing your problem with as much of the following information as possible: 


- Steps to reproduce the issue

- Screenshots/video of the issue (if possible)

- Game client mods (if you use them), specify what they are, where you got them. 

- Control Device, whether you use joystick, mouse and keyboard or another control device. 

- Game logs and/or dxdiag files (edited). 

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eekeeboo #4 Posted 08 August 2018 - 12:55 PM

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In-game Questions:


1. I saw a violation of the rules of the game, what to do? 

Use the in-game report function for the punishment system. 


2. I damaged the enemy plane, but did not destroy it. Then he crashed, and I was credited with the fragment. Is this a bug?

No, this is not a bug. This happens if, the player has damaged the target and subsequently dies with the kill registered to the player that hit the target last.  


3. What are stars and bombs on the fuselage? What is their charge system?

Markers marking the number of destroyed equipment. Stars - for downed air targets, bombs - for destroyed ground targets. Markers are calculated on a scale of 1/10/50/200/500/2000/10 000 targets destroyed. 

4. Are there any guides or tutorial on how to play?
In the game there are options to view guides and information from the hangar about the game. You will also be able to find content created by other players on how to play specific aircraft and other useful information in the community area. Basic video guides from the client are found here







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eekeeboo #5 Posted 08 August 2018 - 03:48 PM

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Here is a list of answers provided by developers and specific WG staff with expertise in the area to best answer some of the recent questions and topics discussed most frequently within the community.


Tracer sound complaints about sound unrealistic or “silly”.

The tracer sounds are rolled back to the previous version, the changes are planned to be delivered to update 2.0.6


Issues with getting black screen frequently at lower tiers

These bugs are still being investigated with a fix coming when ready. Please refer to the format in “Bug Reports” when submitting a ticket to provide developers with more information.


Matchmaker imbalances.

Matchmaking issues where a player can be put 1 vs 2 (players in a flight) or the tier differences between flights of aircraft. Currently this is a possibility if players are waiting for a long time and the matchmaker will begin to use wider and relaxed criteria to create matches between players.


Calibration issues and RNG

The chances of having successive negative rolls are extremely minor. Please refer to the developer blog for information on how the calibration system currently works.


Unclear rules for material drop in games

  1. Materials are issued for the killing of aircraft or the destruction of ground targets of the enemy team.
  2. The larger the xp target, the greater the chance of obtaining materials from it. For example, with heavy fighters, ground attack planes.


Equipment system and the associated grind:

The intention was to create a system of progression that is more in-depth and engaging. The system keeps the same level of progression the player previously had while also allowing providing an opportunity for players to further develop their preferred aircraft.  


The current system of fixed slots for equipment and consumables is a system to help balancing aircraft and prevent future imbalances for specific aircraft. This system of limited equipment based on aircraft type existed previously. The current system uses this same fundamental principle while also different types of equipment (current) and future introduction. The new system will allow expansion of the aircraft module layout function such as a “Specialist 2” configuration with different slot layout for equipment allowing further unique characteristics for that aircraft.


For the Consumable limitation, previously 80% of players used both fire extinguishers and first aid kit. This limited builds and indirectly limited players choices of consumables to those 2 musts. The use of different belts and considering different ammo choices was redundant before, as players always had something to fix the 2 main effects of ammo (Fires and crits). The new system encourages players to consider the specific advantages you wanted to enhance.


Rewards only for victory:

Currently based on feedback the following are being considered and there’s no definite time of when or if this decision will take place to introduce them.

Removal of the victory condition in the specialist missions for various aircraft.

Progressive discount on token cost to specialise based on progress made on the mission.

Receiving materials for battles even when you lose for outstanding results (e.g. 10,000 combat points).


Daily missions bugs and errors:

The bugs and issues with the daily missions resetting or not being displayed properly are in the list of known bugs to fix.


In attrition mode when the command centre is capped in the north, bombers do not respawn:

This has been fixed and will be released in an upcoming patch.


Negative feedback on the new tracer/bullet sounds:

Sounds will be rolled back to the old version, to be delivered in the 2.0.6 patch.


Kicked back to the hangar from matchmaker and have plane stuck or game freeze:

When a player is kicked from the match to the hangar this is usually due to a 1v1 player game and then one of the players disconnects, causing the match to be disbanded.

The issue with the game client hanging is a bug on the list of bugs to be fixed soon.


Lack of feedback on community feedback:

This is a process continually being worked. This feedback is one such instance of trying to address this.


Bugs causing frustration and preventing smooth player experience.

  1. Account wipes randomly:


Investigation has taken place and more work will be done to fix the problem. Ongoing fixes and solutions are being rolled out to players as they are found, and players are notified when a fix has been found and is put in place on their account.


  1. Unable to control your plane on respawn:


These types of bugs need more reports as they can be caused from a variety of reasons. More reports with information is desired. Bugs such as those that require you to press enter twice to regain control has been reported and is a known bug.


  1. Camera angle offset from your plane and displayed incorrectly.


Bug is being investigated and is known, current fix being worked on.


Specialisation system complicated and not explained in enough detail

There are plans for guides, streams and videos to further explain the system to make it easier for new players and help communicate the system more clearly to players.

eekeeboo #6 Posted 07 September 2018 - 02:34 PM

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  1. The aircraft does not return from the interrupted battle. When waiting, throws it into the hangar, but the plane remains in combat.

Bug reported and monitored. Still being worked on and will be fixed as soon as possible. Issue highlighted previous with aircraft disconnecting at times of low population and 1 v 1 games.


  1. Kicked from the client when the crew is moved - when you try to transplant the crew in the game - crash to desktop, problem after the Marathon with Eddie.

Awaiting more reports for this as not tickets currently submitted to be able to proceed with the bug fixing process. 


  1. Periodic loss of 'clickability' of the "Maintenance" tab and the possibility of upgrading modules.

Awaiting more bug reports for this issue, not current tickets reported and was believed to be fixed 2 months ago. Anyone with this bug is encouraged to submit a ticket for the bug fixing process to proceed. 


  1. The question of the balance of bots in teams. Players are unhappy with the fact that bots often act inadequately, being either stronger than players or weaker than players.

In update 2.0.6, a number of changes were introduced to AI bots, which are designed to improve their behavior in combat. The next planned stage of changes will be aimed at a more balanced distribution of bots on both teams.


  1. Players do not understand where the experience gained for the battle goes (In cases of accelerating crew training)

In post battle statistics, there are 2 points at the bottom: the experience of the aircraft and the experience of the pilot. If all the experience has gone to the pilot, then it is easy to see accelerate crew training is enabled.


6. Another game mode similar to "hardcore" like before 2.0 requests mostly for a pure dog-fighting mode with no re-spawn. 

The greatest complaint from 1.0 was; short battles where you easily get killed by highly skilled players and cannot come back for revenge. Possibility of looking into a/one of the game modes to work with no re-spawn and use it as an event game mode.

Currently other solutions are planned to increase players contribution to the battle results, like the work towards bot matchmaking balance, to make it fairer. 

Two game modes are planned, there is current work taking place investigating the technical possibility to have 2 game modes at the same time. Which game mode will be used as a second one is still under discussion


7. MM Rigging and bot behaviour rigging:

Balancing changes are planned that will include solutions for “fairer” bot balance between teams. We will continue working toward giving equal conditions for teams and increasing players weight in teams. There are current investigation and work being made on changes to the matchmaking process, hopefully replacing the current matchmaker with a new one.


8. Asymmetrical maps and balancing of sectors and layout:

There are changes planned for the airstrike mechanics, these changes should change the way maps are balanced. Furthermore, data is continually gathered on maps and victory rates. Problematic maps will be either reworked of removed on an on-going process. 


9. Bugs with the event and account issues from players:

These were resolved, and further solutions and compensation still being rolled out to affected players. Tickets are required by players to ensure no one loses out on compensation or loss of rewards from the bugs. 


10. Bot ramming behavior, head-on from enemy bots (air defense aircraft and enemy team heavies). As well as teammates bots ramming from behind or colliding with teammates.

The overall percentage of bots ramming friendly players on EU is less than 1%. The percentage of bots ramming enemy players is under 5%. The experiences by players of these instances will be very subjective to the play-style and tactics used by the player. 


11. Feeling that AA guns and AAA guns are too powerful in damage and precision. Some feel these need reducing in effectiveness.

Changes towards the mechanics of anti-aircraft guns are planned, which will give players more opportunities to effectively use evasive maneuvers, we are  also preparing special camouflage with anti-aircraft gun damage reduction as an additional aid. These changes are still in the testing phase with no definite ETA. 


12. Desire for clan system: Will the clan's rating be revived, plans to add any clan content?

For the moment the only clan - related feature we have planned for the end of the year (tentative) is Tournament spectator which should allow an easier way of watching/streaming and commenting tournaments for streamers/broadcasters. Allowing more opportunities for community organised events and streaming. 


13. Problems exiting the game and the process continuing or unable to close it through task manager or alt-F4.

We need more tickets to be able to process these types of bugs with as much technical data the player can provide.  Including, logs, dumps and screenshots made in windows. Screenshots of the lack of client processes in the task manager when the game client is open. So far unable to reproduce this bug frequently enough to investigate effectively. 


14. An error occurred with the charge of credits.

During conquest, the overall statistics for the actions taken are considered, but the credit for achievements and medals does not process. In the next patches, this will be reported to the players by displaying the corresponding tool-tip. 


15. Aircraft going "into battle" without a player. If for any reason the match is not found (the opponent disconnected or the player clicked on the cancellation of the search, when the match was already ready to be loaded), the player throws into the hangar, and the plane remains in battle.

There are "phantom" battles, when the aircraft remains in the hangar accessible, but the player receives a message of defeat (occasionally - victory) in a battle in which the player himself did not participate. This issue continues to be investigated and worked on, once a solution is found and available it will be provided to players as soon as possible.

eekeeboo #7 Posted 01 October 2018 - 11:43 AM

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Here are the community issues/discussions from the second part of September to the start of October: 


Issues with bot balancing and behavior, especially with changes made in 2.0.6 and the way GAA bots now behave.

Bot behavior and distribution will be changed in the upcoming patch 2.0.7: 

Tiers 1-3 will be easy, 4-5 will be medium and 6-10 will be hard bots.

Bots will have slightly increased accuracy & heavy fighters will not solely hunt for bombers on the enemy team, they are now more likely to attack sectors. Ground attack aircraft will now have reduction in their tendency to be distracted by air combat.

Bot strategic priority will make it less likely they will fly to the other side of the map for their priority sectors. This will also mean that bots are more likely to focus on one sector with a large number of aircraft, instead of bots flying off because there are too many aircraft in their priority sector. 


Issues with Matchmaker and perceived imbalance of bots and player distribution:

Changes to the upcoming matchmaker will aim to create a "fairer" balance and reduce queue times: 

Player karma based on deviation from point 0 (a result of playing +/- 1 tier battles to the tier of aircraft they are playing) will be disabled, replaced with a new algorithm. 

PvE battles will now be possible, if players wait in the queue for more than 100 seconds in all game modes a player will now be put in a 1 v 0 battles. One such instance, if a player cannot be balanced against a flight of players then a 1 v 0 battle will be created after 100 seconds rather than mixing that player with another to vs the flight. 

Aircraft type imbalance will not lead to increased queue times. MM will try to create a balanced game, but if no suitable aircraft are in the queue, instead of extending the time, bots will now be added and the game will be launched.


ADA being too strong at lower tiers:

This should be reduced and addressed with the upcoming changes in patch 2.0.7 and the way bots are balanced and how they will behave in battles. Including changes to bots attacking sectors in numbers and changes to bot target priority for some classes. 


Win only condition, frustration and grievance at not receiving rewards for winning:

The win condition is meant to be a factor in encouraging teamwork and competitive game-play with the enemy. Rather than remove the win condition where possible, changes will be made to the factors causing frustration. 


  1. Win condition in specialist missions will be removed. 
  2. The condition for materials is an ongoing investigation and solution being tested.
  3. Daily missions are still being reviewed, a solution in the future will address the frustration element.


The queue bug, where plane is locked into battle and a player is kicked back to hangar:

With the release of 2.0.7 and the changes to matchmaker on the way, specifically the possibility of PvE game modes for those who wait longer than 100 seconds, this may address the issue and reduce the frequency if not eliminate it completely.


The lack of aircraft Birthdays:

Birthdays are still being worked on and making sure they will work and be effective in the new system (2.0) and game mode. Another solution is currently being worked on, with a possible introduction in the future to help reward players. 


Issues with emblems and camouflage from pre-2.0 like alpha and beta emblems no long available on aircraft.

This is currently a low priority issue, but will be worked on when more high priority issues are resolved.


Players feeling that there is too much encouragement in driving new players away (like the daily tiers 1-4 missions) and material farming:

There is a solution being proposed and tested, will update when more concrete plans and time-frame are put in place.


Issues with the times for the events and the way they are divided into 2 phases:

The timing of the event phases are based on gathered data and the prime time sessions on the servers. When the event is fixed for the whole weekend, players gave feedback they felt "forced" into the single game mode and this reduced enjoyment. With further feedback stating that players became fatigued and frustrated by the missions and the event.

eekeeboo #8 Posted 06 November 2018 - 06:34 PM

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Aircraft becoming invisible during combat, where there is only a marker or a marker displayed on destroyed aircraft.

The bug is reported and being worked on and when a solution is in place will be deployed as soon as possible.


The matchmaker sometimes not balancing teams fairly – especially when only players are on one side and the other side is balanced by bots with other classes.

There was an increase in the threshold before a PvE battle would commence reducing some of these anomalies. Most of the instances with a large number of players on one team vs bots tends to happen during asymmetrical modes where balancing takes place with aircraft classes. The bots will fulfill the missing classes necessary for the game mode. This anomaly occurs in less than 2% of the games for the normal conquest game mode.


Players losing achievements, medals and awards in the profile. 

This is a known bug that is continuing to have solutions rolled out when available.


Occasionally the radar will randomly rotate in combat.

This is a rare bug with very few reports, if you have this bug happen to you when it shouldn’t, please submit a ticket with as much information as possible, including replays, logs if possible.


Camouflage application stating that the cost of camouflage/paint scheme accumulates when it shouldn’t.

This should be fixed. Please update if this is not the case by submitting your bug reports to support.


Players wanting a more effective punishment system for things like team damage and leaving battle early and quitting if they believe they're going to lose.

Rather than having a punishment system, the main focus will be on trying to adjust the missions to prevent players quitting battles rather than introduce a complex functionality. This behavior is not observed as frequently outside of events, if you do see such behavior it is important to report it so that more data can be gathered.


Optimization and FPS problems still persist within the game, regardless of player hardware.

There is planned optimization by the end of the year for certain game components, such as optimizing bomber flights and defenders, planned to result in more fps in dogfights. Further optimization is planned for terrain processing and rendering to free up more system resources in the future.


A strong desire for more customizability for the paint schemes and bonuses from the camouflage system.

Plans are currently being formulated for the next year, as it currently stands no promises can be made whether this will or will not happen in the future. The more feedback players can give on the issue the better.


Plane being stuck in hangar, game or flight. PvE mode solving this to an extent but the problem still persists for some users.

This particular bug was fixed during the patch on 9th of October. If players still are having problems or experiencing this bug, please submit reports and make it known you’re having the issue with the bug reporting support system.


Personal points displayed at the end of a battle is different to the personal points you are shown in hangar post battle. Players can get confused and curious why the issue arises.

The bug/difference has been reported and is currently being worked on, with a fix or explanation deployed as soon as one is available.


After each update there’s a resetting of graphics and control settings, especially joystick controls.

These changes and resets should only take place when there are changes in control systems that require a reset. The team is continuing to look at ways to prevent and reduce the instances where such resets are necessary but there are no guarantees moving forward. If a player does experience these reset at every update, then these instances need to be reported as this is a bug.


Interest in the progress made towards the alternative specialist configurations.

This is going to be something that is planned for next year, there is currently no definite timeline for these features to be rolled out, as the plans for next year and still being structured. 

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