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Isoruku_Yamamoto #1 Posted 21 August 2018 - 07:11 AM

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Hello everyone,


If possible i would very much appreciate a tool for uploading replays to make proper MP4 files out of it. I could imagine using WoTreplay/WoWSreplays.com would work for those replay types, but we don't have WoWPreplays.com. 


The immediate reason for me to ask this is that i have a number of replays that i'd like to upload, but the aiming seems off so much due to postprocessing of the replay that it seems i'm playing poorly- even in a battle with 24k PP and 10k damage. 


Suggestions to either fix the processing issue or to properly convert replays to MP4 while getting audio/video/ user interaction the way i played my battle would be nice. 

Grtz I_Y


P.S.I'll be uploading my vid anyway under the regular Videos & Streams section> Isoruku_Yamamoto, despite that i'm not quite happy with the way the replay is processed. 

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