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Operation Orders. Did they get it right?

Flaming Shores Operation Orders

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svadilfari #41 Posted Yesterday, 07:30 PM

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View Postblackmoomba, on 15 October 2018 - 07:19 PM, said:

I got the Vampire order in the first crate of the event, started it in the first weekend... by late evening i reached the Kozhedub mission as planned, played a few more battles and logged out. 16 hours left, more than enough to sleep and get back to it. Yeah right, got drunk, by the time i logged back in it was expired for 3-4 hours.

"F it, gonna get it in other crates next week" - during this Sunday i opened 32 crates... guess what? it wasn't there, on top of that kinda disappointed with the overall rewards, but i know why, got used to be spoiled with tons of good stuff in the past.


it really sucks. the rule to let the mission simple vanish if you dont manually extend it is broderline retarded. some people have other things to do, and some (like me) simply forget.

it should be paused instead of removed. it´s just stupid...

Horcan #42 Posted Yesterday, 10:50 PM

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I kinda wasted 5 tokens on 335 for this exact reason. I played till late night and was left with 12 hours when i was about to log out. I extended it cause i was affraid something may come up, i may oversleep, internet fail or whatever. I turned out i wasted them since i could finish it with 15hours left, and this considering i didnt logged in early next day because  there was plenty of time with the extension. But yes, they could make it 24 hours of play time, or just give no expire for whoever wants to endure the pain of grind and RNG frustration.

HoujuuNue #43 Posted Today, 03:29 AM

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Do 335: ~4 hours 45mins

Vampire: ~9 hours


Hey it's a free plane

arcticstorm123 #44 Posted Today, 06:30 AM

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View Postparadigmshift, on 12 October 2018 - 03:44 PM, said:

I have orders for the Do 335 and am willing to try to grind it but can I ask is the plane worth it?  I have only seen one in the game and it ambushed me before I could get a good look. Is it an easy target for other t7,t8,t9 fighters/heavies?


It's a great aircraft but a pure BNZ, been thinking about getting my middle finger amputated to keep it off the 'W' key lol, it's one aircraft where you definitely need boost in reserve especially if you get a "Terminator" bot on your tail, can't turn well at all, best to use speed on way out of target if chased, then go high and nose over to turn, bombs are great, can flip a target pretty easily if you know your targets, autocannons are a bit meh, but don't overheat as readily as other heavies.


Love mine

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