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Suggestion for a Hardcore gamemode

Gamemode suggestion Assault better than escort

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Mizutayio #1 Posted 04 November 2018 - 07:24 PM

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Greetings everyone,


Since WG has repeatedly proven to us that they can't seem to make a balanced gamemode lately apart from Conquest and Attrition, I have decided to think of one that 

A: Makes use of every class

B: Makes use of them effectively

C: Have it be different enough to Conquest and Attrtion so we have some variety but at the same time, play similar enough that everyone can play it without any issues.


My Result is called: Cynosure or Assault ( both names can work really)

It is effectively a King of the Hill type of gamemode.
Have one vast control point in the middle of the map covered with a lot of neutral high and low alt gun positions that can be captured individually by getting destroyed and will assist the team who captured it by shooting the enemy



Since it’s both teams fighting for one huge point, it should have an extremely large point pool so it doesn’t get captured immediately, something like 600-700 points for exemple. 

After capturing the base, the team who holds the point starts to reduce the tickets of the enemy team and gets an additional spawn point in the middle of the base.

The catch with this gamemode is that your team can’t lose any capture progress when getting destroyed, meaning that it’s impossible to lose capture progress. ( once capped, the enemy team can start capping the point back with the same rules). The idea behind that is: once a team gets a hold in the base, it’s easy to prevent the enemy from capturing it just by killing everyone who enters in an instant, in order to prevent that from happening, the no point lost system could mean that the base will get flipped multiple times per match, how often depends on how well the defending team manages to prevent the enemy from getting points.
The respawn system could be done like Conquest with a squall line.

The reason behind this gamemode idea is to create a gamemode that brings the fight in a epic dogfight furball in the center of a point where also each class matters ( LF and MRF going for other LFs and MRFs, GAA and Bombers destroying individual ground targets and repair zones to aid the allied team and HFs and MRFs to intercept the enemy GAA to protect allied buildings and GAAs) .


Let me know what you guys think of it and if there's anything that's not clear, ask in here so we can refine this idea together. Also if you like the idea, please share it so the devs are more likely to see this suggestion.

zen_monk_ #2 Posted 04 November 2018 - 09:46 PM

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I like it. Any target-rich environment means more dakkka-dakka and that's the point of it all.



I like this very much.

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Horcan #3 Posted 05 November 2018 - 10:14 AM

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It would only end up in quit fiesta after initial capture. Also i think this game should be about planes, not a million AA guns shooting at you while you dogfight. What i think this game needs is a PvE mode with scenarios with different difficulty, less quits, less toxicity. PvP with bots and 3rd party involved will never be fair and interesting.
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