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Plateau is too big for Tier 5s

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Ace42X #1 Posted 10 November 2018 - 10:03 PM

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Simple enough problem:  There's too much down-time travelling between CPs in Tier 5 planes.  Just try playing it in a Stuka and weep at how much time you spend doing absolutely nothing; the A6M2 is barely better.  Depending on what you're flying and how your team spreads out its too easy to find yourself stranded with no hope of contributing to anything before any and every point on the map has flipped without you.

Could be fixed by restricting the layouts available to Tier 5s so they only ever get placed into Plateau when it's in a 3cp configuration with airfield in the middle.  An alternative would be reworking the Cruise Flight pilot skill so that instead of increasing out-of-combat speed by a percentage, it increases it by a flat amount per Tier – allowing a more generous increase for low-speed vehicles prone to down-time; whilst not making stuff that's already fast OP.  Because it's out-of-combat anyway, that alone limits its potential for abuse.

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