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BBMM Tuesday Social (Chicks, Beers, Backrubs and Smurfs)

bbmm social fun BeerBellyMasterMindz

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Timewarp76 #1 Posted 12 December 2018 - 08:22 AM

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Hello Pilots,

As with many of our events every once in awhile I like to provide a summary for those that missed out. Every week, we Beer Belly Master Mindz Gaming Community host our Tuesday night Social, 2100-2300 CET. Just a short two hours of fun and relaxing game play with members, friends and alliances.

Last night we had 9 members and 1 guest attend and the game play, banter and comradery was some epic fun, a bit of prodding and lots of laughs. As a warm up, we started off the evening with a bit of nice CoOP. Where everyone was on the same team in tier six planes (fighters only) then we decided to load up the enemy team with twelve tier eight veteran bots with a mixture of plane types. Everything started well, we were jooking and jiving, boosting and barrel rolling and showing our piloting prowess. I think even Grumpy_Guts took his shirt off mid flight to flex. But even with all the sexyness we presented as a team slowly the tables started to turn in favor of the enemy. We believe it had something to do with all of the noobs and hackers that were on the enemy team. I mean come on, how many times do we have to die to ram kills and the fact that they had some really over powered mountains and radio towers helping them out wasn't fair either. The enemy even had the nerve to ddos attack us and black screen one of our members, which he then had to restart his game and rejoin. A bunch of old scallywags I tell you, I mean come on, we're a friendly bunch and play clean how dare they use such despicable tactics to win. In the end it was a loss but as is the Beer Belly Way, the last player alive said to all of us spectating "Hold my Beer Boiz, I'm going in."

After that excruciating defeat to a seasoned team. We decided to try something more interesting. I said hey lets give "Battle Royal" a go. With beer dripping from his chin Madkoka asked so how do we do that? With a smirk on my face and a wink, I said well easy really, we'll stay in our tier 6 planes, choose the map "counterstrike" which has the points spread on the 4 corners of the map and a free zone in the middle. We'll then load the enemy team with 3 tier II Ground Attack planes which we all agree not to shoot down or capture any points. We then will all spawn into the game, spread out all over the map and when ready I make the call to start. Then it's everyone against everyone. The one time when friendly fire is allowed, kill all and be merry fellas. Time to do the dirty.

So now that everyone understood the rules. We started the game and as with any community there is always the one guy that has to be special. So remember when I was talking to the fellas and said hey don't capture any points? We'll we believe that MadoldMan was daydreaming about sexy blue smurfs because against the rules he "TOOK A POINT.' So as you can imagine, a few of us where like what the $#@&! are you doing? A few beers later though, a little backrub from Zeln and a foot rub from DISTURBED_uk1 all was good and my heart medicine had kicked in. Back to Battle Royal I thought, so there were some intense dog fights, and even a few mid air alliances. I saw NattFrost following THUNDER77RO and Behind him was Cheefcoach.  Like a merry old choo-choo train in the sky, so being the team player I am, I thought it was appropriate to take advantage of the situation. I climbed high, turned my nose down like an eagle eyeing it's prey, I gained momentum, speed speed speed, had the planes sighted in and called my shot. "I got yer azz, fellas, time for some chicken bones, kit kats and blow jobs, call your momma your coming home."  To my dismay, out of the abyss comes an Isoruku_Yamamoto to scorch my plans, his specialized to the max zero, with fancy paint job and gold ammo which were all to much for the Timewarp. Totally unfair mind you I was about to kill a few good chaps how dare he ruin my experience, next time I thought, next time. In the end, there was no single winner, we blame that of course on our special special special friend, so the battle closed with 4 planes left alive. Good fun all around, the trash talk was spicy, the chicks we looking fine and the boys let their hair down. All in all a good night.

We ended the evening just short of 2300 CET and had tones of laughs, talked some crap, killed some crap and had a damn nice time doing it. If you are looking to socialize stop on by and say hi, we'll have a beer waiting for you!

Fly high, Fly True and until next time!




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If you are interested in having some fun and hanging out with a good crowd, look us up! Our primary  game language is English and we have members from all over the EU and even a few Americans living in Germany as well. We are typically online nightly around 2100 CET. Feel free to stop by and say hi, our voice server is Discord here is the link https://:  discord.gg/mezA43q

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