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Enable Backfilling, extend round duration.

backfill matchmaker bots

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Ace42X #1 Posted 05 February 2019 - 04:25 PM

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Simple suggestion to help mitigate the low server population problems and unsatisfying bots:
Enable back-filling of bot-controlled slots if game is X amount of time before the squall starts and the leading team is Y victory points away from winning outright.
Extend the duration of rounds (more time before squall, more victory points required to win match) in order to allow back-fillers more time to perform come-backs.

Give back-fillers bonus rewards (xp and credits, maybe some upgrade parts too) as a reward for putting up with incomplete / losing games.

The advantages for this are numerous:  More time spent playing, less time spent queueing and waiting for rounds to start; better player synchronisation (more players ending matches at the same time, instead of being in lots of different rounds all ending at different times); more humans and less bots per game, etc, etc.  Extending round duration makes "time spent cruising between points" represents a smaller and thus less annoying proportion of a match.

In matches where there is an airbase that allows pilots to swap planes mid-round, there's not even a need to backfill players into the same class as the bots they'd be replacing.

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Isoruku_Yamamoto #2 Posted 05 February 2019 - 06:30 PM

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Sounds like a solid plan, with a couple of difficulties for implementing it. But definitely worth investigating. 
In my opinion there might even be an additional extra option: 

- Make a continuous battle mode, where you can just hop in, respawn when you die, or leave. 
- No increase in respawn times
- Sectors and ADAs still in there, but you dont win or lose by points
- You gain materials, credits, and XP according with how much you've done- a bit in between a regular win and regular loss, but with very high PP obviously if you fly for an hour straight.
- You can get medals and such, but only in one sortie or within resetting timeframes (for instance counter for Winged Legend/ 14k points could reset each 10-15 minutes, and you can get medals more than once aswell in that way. 
- This should either happen at 1 set tier, or at a double tier range where you allow ppl to join with a lower tier if they specifically choose to (for instance tier X and tier 9). 

I'd like to see something like that happen. Best would be to have a message pop up each time a human player joined & to which team it goes. Obviously when that happens, a bot on that team has to drop out ASAP. 

TheNobleQ #3 Posted 11 February 2019 - 12:26 PM

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No thanks.  Complete game or no game at all, so far as I’m concerned.

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