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Cruise Flight skill doesn't work (either)

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invader_from_mars #1 Posted 09 February 2019 - 12:23 PM

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It does at the start, but once the icon is gone (you got damaged or you damage) the skill wont be activated anymore...And yes no speed increase, so dont come up with that nonsense that "dont worry just the icon is bugged" NO the whole friggin skill (like so many other skills in this game) is fully bugged

Here is the replay to see it with your own eyes



Ace42X #2 Posted 09 February 2019 - 01:06 PM

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Yah, I thought the "it's just the icon, honest guv'" excuse seemed wrong - plausible, but wrong.  I noticed that the Cruise Flight seemed not to be working on my GAAs / Altitude Bombers, but without relying on the icon to give you a clear guideline, it can be a pain trying to identify what's actually going on.

Dis4ster #3 Posted 09 February 2019 - 01:08 PM

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Noticed that too, have that skill on some Bomber pilots, there is nothing that could surprise me in this game anymore. It took the devs 2 months to fix the joystick bug, thats how incompetent they are and what kind of a mess the code is.

Piq_Mastika #4 Posted 11 February 2019 - 06:18 AM

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Confirmed. Sometimes it doesn't refresh and sometimes it still stays after I bomb a sector (after the bombs hit the sector, not just mid-air).

blindfoId #5 Posted 11 February 2019 - 03:33 PM

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We have a confirmation from the developers team which is working on fixing the issue at the moment that the problem is in displaying skills. As soon as the fix is ready we will release the fix. 

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