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Tweak Garrisons & Command Centres, and a new Sector type.

sector cap victory points Command Center Garrison

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Ace42X #1 Posted 11 February 2019 - 01:03 PM

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A few suggestions to (hopefully) improve the "capture" meta-game:

1.  Give Garrisons a "tank platoon" armoured special objective (similar to Command Centres' radomes, or Mining Facility factories, etc), to make them more like the other sectors in terms of rewards for ground-pounding.

2.  Rework Comand-Centre bomber flights so that they are weaker at bombing (can't solo cap in a single wave, maybe make them a bit squishier too), but spawn more frequently and grant the team that spawned them victory points for every bomber that survives until bomb-drops.
Also, they do not despawn if the target sector flips - they continue on their path until they exit the map; also they grant victory points to the opposing team for being shot down (but fewer VPs for being shot down than they grant the other team for surviving).

This stops intercepting bombers from becoming a noob-trap; it makes the "timing" of caps / recaps less circumstantially beneficial; and stops them from being useless on maps where their team caps faster than they reach their destination.


3.  Give us a new Sector type - Fire Control Centre.
A captured FCC would give two benefits:  Firstly, it would lower the capture-points awarded to the enemy for killing friendly air-defence aircraft across the map - requiring the enemy focus more on ground targets / clearing out ALL ADAs to cap all of your sectors across the map.
Secondly it would slightly raise the ceiling height of low-altitude-AA; and lower the minimum-target-height of the high-altitude-AA - making an overlap between the two that is more punishing for mid-altitude fighters.

At present we have two sectors that mitigate the role of ground-pounders (Rockets and Command Centres both nuke ground targets, thereby reducing the importance and significance of bombers / GAA); this flips the scenario on its head by mitigating the need for fighters to play defensively, and makes carrying bombs more attractive for heavies / multi-roles etc to help flip sectors whose Air-Defence Aircraft have been cleaned out leaving only heavily armed ground targets to flip.

I'd imagine this sector would have defences a bit like mining sectors - AA guns, and no Air-Defence-Aircraft.

4.   Would also be an idea to have a sector-type that spawns a swarm of GAAs, a bit like a low-altitude Command Centre, but I'm not sure that is as feasible as the Command Centres given the pathing requirements around terrain from GAAs.

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