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State of the game: important changes that need to happen


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Gremundo #21 Posted 17 August 2019 - 05:45 AM

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One of the most shameful bugs is the release of flaps while reducing engine thrust. One of my friends, a developer, said that this is only a graphic effect that does not affect the physics of flight - nice answer bro! We will fix it later - he said a year ago! This is the attitude of WG to their`s users. And why the black pilot in the hangar, on the plane turning white? Asians are okay, right? Work better friends, my friends and I play more by inertia and the habit of communicating in the game. Stop giving premium useless biplanes to nobody you need! Do more events and open war on the sea for carrier-based aviation, which you totaly nerfed. Fix bugs and go on!

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