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Enable the players to CREATE THEIR OWN PAINT SCHEMES / SKINS of the planes

paint schemes skins feared chikken

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Enable players to create their own paint schemes / skins?

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arcticstorm123 #21 Posted 07 June 2019 - 08:35 AM

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View Postzen_monk_, on 13 May 2019 - 10:37 PM, said:


...and you touched a nerve here. Some of them are OK (basic Spits & Hurricane for example). Some barely tolerable, and I've started all this because most of unique/perk paints are downright hideous and I couldn't fly my planes looking like that. And all of them are on the caricatural level, same as those ground crew faces were - before they've been removed after similar complaints.


They had enough time to put some effort in it, to improve the look of the planes. Years and years. But no, they all look exactly as in Alpha. Like paints sketches to be perfected later.


The funny and personal coat of arms are like a comic relief for me - this below is an example of what I actually do. Trying to make decent lifelike paints, like ones that have been used for real. Most of you have Me410. Now go to your hangar please and go through four seasonal paints by WG, and then compare with how they really should look like.


These have almost no personalization, just a few historical decorations. Of course feel free to use them, mates. It's immensely more exciting to fly a plane like this.






Funny you showed the ME410, I was going to say I'm much happier with the ME210 camo by comparison, if nothing else would be nice if they could revisit some of the older aircraft and re-vamp them a bit, same as providing a wider range of national insignia.

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