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Is it me or the Ki-88 is...questionable?

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elias_the_great #1 Posted 20 June 2019 - 06:47 PM

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I have the Ki-88 since V-Day (with the large discounts on premiums i was able to affort it with my grinded gold)....and yes there were two events that didnt really favor mid tier fighter gameplay....but man i feel this thing is underpowered...well, not really but its really frustrating because of it guns!


Most people see the 30mm cannon and the say, "yeah ok, it will be a killer" (myself included).However the 30 has awful range,overheats quickly and cooldowns very,very slow!(it also fires really slow,but it has good damage per shot,so i see it more of a tradeoff than a dissadvantage). To make matters worse, it is acompanied by a pair weak-a*s 20s, that do 65 dps with RoF of 360 and a range of 620....those are the same guns the A6M1 has...in tier 4...


What frustrates me is not that i choose the odd duck over the st*pidly overpowered German Spitfire nor the fact that i wasted my gold on it (well just grinded gold,immagine buying it with reall money)....Its that it looks promising and when you play with it, it is!!: Good speed for a boom and zoomer, has better manouverability than the rest of the boom and zoomers (so its like counter to them when other factors dont get involved), its altitude is good....so the only thing that makes this plane unfun to play its the guns...seriously i have really good aim and triger discipline(the  MiG-15 is one of my favorites)...but you simply cannot kill more than one fighter in a single pass (everything survives) and everything faster than you will always avoid the slow firing, slow velocity, low range 30 you have....


Anyway, i think its guns should be looked at...maybe a faster cooldown,or longer burst...or dps buff (specialy those 20s are pitiful)...What do you guys think?

atlasapl #2 Posted 20 June 2019 - 07:20 PM

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I have had this for quite some time. It is an odd bird, but can be a hell of a surprise to those who don't give it the respect it deserves.

Its no more/less tricky than a 109-G is at tier 7. That is all about the 30mm. It has a shortish range and low velocity.

It can take me a good few games to get my eye in. Even then, if the 37mm doesn't want to play ball, you will miss a fair few. But when it hits, it hits and crits hard.

You can go two ways when specialising. First time I got the turn time down to 9.3 seconds. Which is massively better than anything else up at that altitude. Or you can go speed. The default cruise speed is 380kph. I got it up to 512kph (with the chrome camo). Which gives it the raw speed stuff at that altitude should have.

I have a love hate relationship with it. But I have had some great games with it. But its like marmite. You either love it or hate it.




As my Ki-88 became my guinea pig for specialisation, the first two were purely an experiment to see how far I could push things. I am in the early stages of build number three, but this one is going to be more carefully thought through. 

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Discontinued #3 Posted 21 June 2019 - 08:54 AM

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A lot of the high tier Japanese fighters suffer from this problem as well, the tier 9 especially has special guns that are fantastic at shooting everywhere but point of aim.:B


I had games where I barely score 2k damage, as you got to get 50 meters behind anything blatting away and missing 80% of shots even with marksman 1 and 2 on the pilot.


On the positive side it makes everything else with slow cannons feel easy 


The tier 10 is only marginally better, but so damned ugly it could scare horses and young kids.



 "May cause the explode problem"

atlasapl #4 Posted 21 June 2019 - 09:55 AM

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I am currently sitting at 476 cruise and 608 boost speed (with chrome camo), which is fast enough. My turn rate is 10.1, with a roll rate of 136. 


It has a gunsight (1 x enhancement), lightweight wing frame (1 x enhancement), polished skin (ultimate enhancement), and lightweight power unit (2 x enhancement). So I have a lot more I can do. I just need to look at the negative effects before I go further.


My pilot has Aerodynamics Expert with Marksman 1&2. My 8 point pilot is in my Ki-93.

CheefCoach #5 Posted 21 June 2019 - 11:24 AM

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Some people love Ki 88, other people are hating him; but nobody is indifferent. Guns on Ki 88 are pretty good, and the biggest problem I have with it is that my pilot is getting injured a lot. The trick is to time the interval when guns are shooting and when they should cool down (as in any plane). 

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