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Have I become un-noob?

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Discontinued #1 Posted 10 July 2019 - 09:30 AM

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So this is a 1st world problem 



I cant quite put my finger on it but something has recently happened and I'm slightly disturbed.


Having always been average to bad at all multi player online games I seem to be "gitting gud" as they say,(well a little bit), I no longer need to L2P and it just feels odd.


I'm winning a lot of games, but the downside is this, I feel like I'm carrying a lot of the time and these ungrateful slobs that hang off my coat tails are starting to annoy me. So i was the coat tailer before and now I'm wearing the coat.


I now get targeted more by enemies partly due to having specialised the Vampire which is like painting a big target on your back and walking onto a firing range.


For instance this morning, I was constantly the target by some punk in a tier 9 ME.p.1010102910, or whatever its called. he only killed me and no one else......he was a noob to focus on me but understandably he saw the massive threat, I posed and tried to shut me down..we still won though..nooob :)


AA and bots are no longer my friends I used to be able to charm the bots but now they hate me!


For instance I used to be horrible at higher tiers now i prefer them and hold my own, my only annoyance is when someone who is better than me gets greedy and starts KS-ing me or like a hungry hippo just gobbles up all the noobs before I can get a look in...you know who you are :trollface:



I now chastise my team mates for not being good and not going precisely where I want them to go,

I can see if we get poor MM at the beginning of a battle. 


So have i become un-noob or, Do i need to crash my plane into the ground more often?


P.S I voted for the 1st option 





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 "May cause the explode problem"

Piq_Mastika #2 Posted 10 July 2019 - 10:06 AM

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There are lots of possibilities in this game. You can switch to different plane types e.g. HF, MRF, BnZ LFs. You can focus playing definitely weak planes e.g. P-47's, Yak-multiroles. You can specialize some planes for a different role than the intended e.g. Spitfire as BnZ, A-26B as GAA or heavy, GAAs as HF, HFs as GAA.

Pick something you are not good at, then you will be a noob again! When you play all possible tactics and feel all the torture of the failures, you can call yourself BYB.

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