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How to edit and post a replay, but with panache ?

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Discontinued #1 Posted 16 September 2019 - 08:37 PM

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Hi people.


Just a quick question is there a way to save and edit replays then upload them, i see other peeps do it but could never figure out how?


is there a piece of software that can do this?


As really i want to show off the sabre with Zen_Monks paint scheme, but, as a weak excuse for showing off my incredible "prowess", "panache" and finally and most of all my "jeu de vive"


But also this must include a disco soundtrack I used to be a dab hand at movie maker back in the day...can i import or convert replays into it?




on a side note



Best game of tanks I ever played, in fact possibly one of the best gaming memories i have, was when playing WOT a few years ago when they still had Cross chat

At the countdown when i just said ,


"Shes crazy like a fool", and the enemy said "daddy, daddy cool", Then someone on our team said  "I'm Crazy like a fool" then both teams recited the entire lyrics of the song.


It was almost like that football match in WW1 (but disco themed)  It just goes to show thew average age of the player base :hiding:


it was a gaming moment i will never forget. almost on a par with my record of 289 kills and 1 death in a MD500 helicopter in Warrock......such  cosy memories :)


i missed crosschat in WOT, shame i grew bored of the game, but still i had a good run for a pretty rubbish player 



Thanks in reverse








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0berhessen #2 Posted 19 September 2019 - 05:23 AM

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 You need a screenrecorder, something like:



bandicam is free


Use Bandicam to capture the replay from your screen.

Then a video editing software, for example Adobe Premiere Elements, which isn´t free but works fine. Should be around 60€

Not sure if there is a good working free video editing software somewhere out there.


Finally you edit the screen captured video with Premiere Elements, you can cut it, add music and add some neat effects like "fade in" "fade out" and stuff like that.

It uses some experience, but its not so complicated to learn.



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