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Possible FFA Tournament

Tournament FreeForAll FFA F4A AllTiers

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PewPewMachine #1 Posted 08 October 2019 - 01:05 PM

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Howdy, Pilots,


Name's PewPewMachine and I'm a streamer of WoWP for the past year and a half. (or somewhere there... exact math eludes me)


I'd like to organize a Free-For-All Tournament for WoWP players, that will consist of basically any EU or NA based player that wants to join.


Where is the catch you may ask?

There isn't any! Well, aside from an entrance fee of $5, but that's basically a cup of coffee. All proceeding will go towards the top performers in the tournament!

What are the restrictions? Is it Clan based?

No and no. This is going to be a free for all tournament and only the top overall performers will proceed towards the finals. It will be done during the weekends (Some of us have jobs, yo!) and will span (for now) Tiers IX and X. If there is enough interest, lower tier brackets can be made as well.

How will the games playout? Who goes to finals?

Anyone that get top overall score in 10 elimination games. In case there are equal scores - medals and accolades will be taken into account, so make sure every shot counts!

That's cool and all, but I have a better idea on how to run the games...

Do share! This is an initial draft and is subject to change no more than a month away from the event! I'm thinking of making the event around Christmas time/End of December-ish based on number of participants. I will stream the tournament and in order to avoid cheating, the only request is that you have Discord running (I'm thinking you would want to communicate with your team members anyway) and to stream your game into Discord directly, though this is a subject to change if a better solution comes up.


For signups or further inquiries - you can either post in this thread or join me over at my Twitch Stream.


Happy flying and Godspeed to all pilots!

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