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Fall Campaign Feedback Thread

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angelmichel #21 Posted 03 December 2019 - 11:47 AM

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1. Not having to play every weekend is good so we don't get too burned out, but 6 stages means 3 months, and this is definitely very, very long, especially when there's no patch at the same time
2. Everything was clearly explained, no problem here for me
3. Multiroles don't really have a way to shine, but i don't think that can easily be fixed. I also don't think mixing different types in the same board works well, one of the classes will likely be the meta for it
4. I guess the weekly rewards were fine, maybe add the "unique supplies" to them, because the other ones aren't really worth fighting for in my opinion. For the final rewards, the Goblin was the only reason i did try hard every stage, i wouldn't have played that much for anything less than that (And even then, i'm not sure the tens of hours i spent grinding were worth a plane with very little firepower AND a bad turn rate)

5. Adding the premium planes to the ratings would be fine, or maybe add a rating where only premiums can take part (without removing the non-premium boards)

6. They definitely should, so they would have more uses to them (The Chinese tree should work the exact same way as the European one, right now those planes have barely any use at all because the pilots you train on them can't be used for anything else, and the planes are mostly premium versions of tech tree ones from what i've seen)
7. I'm really not a fan of ratings events because if you want to get high scores, you HAVE to play in non-optimal ways, you can't win too fast or you won't get big scores, you have to capture the wrong sectors or straight up ignore them, the problem is even worse when playing against bad players or people who will headhunt you the whole game and barely score anything themselves, making the game way shorter than it could be. This kind of event is the ONLY time in my videogaming experience where winning is actually not good. On top of that, waiting for the results is fairly stressful for some people, including me. I think a good compromise would be removing the "face the other players" part of the event, and just giving everyone the same objective, which could be made and tracked through the in-game missions, for example, "score 100K/200K/500K PP through the whole weekend", and get more rewards the more missions you completed

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