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Hero of the Soviet Union!

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apartclassic #1 Posted 07 February 2020 - 07:18 AM

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Komrades, let us tell you a story of true heroism today. Hear this and learn from this, so that you too can serve the Motherland and help defeat the dreaded invader!


As you all know, the most coveted mark of esteem, the most desired medal you can get, is the title of the Hero of the Soviet Union. Since the start of this war a lot of pilots, showing utmost skills and dedication to our great country, have been awarded this medal. No doubt many of you are dreaming of joining them, of maybe even having a monument erected in your hometown (which, as you all know, is always done upon receiving this medal for the second time). You are probably looking for a way of becoming worthy of the medal. Well, let me give you an example that you might one day emulate.


There was a young pilot, named Aleksandr Kholmov. Unfortunately we don't know his patronym, but we have reasons to believe it was Iosifovich, obviously, in honour of our great Leader.



Aleksandr - Sasha - served as kapitan in one of the border fighter groups, flying his beloved and battle-proven I-16 (late). As it happens, at time when this story takes place, he was piloting another variant of the beloved by all 'Ishak', namely the I-16-29. As you all know, one of the differences between the versions is the fact that version 29 carries only 3 machine guns, but is able to carry six rockets and two 100kg bombs, making it a very efficient intruder. On this memorable occasion Sasha was tasked with attacking an enemy command centre, which he did with great success, despite it being an extremely dangerous night mission.


While he was looking for more targets, to cause the invaders even more harm, high above Sasha noticed a terrible sight - a bomber flight, headed towards some defenceless city, town, village, possibly even kolkhoz!



The intruders were being attacked by friendly aircraft, but alas, thanks to bombers' tight defensive formation, the attackers were unable to do any significant harm. It did look like the bombers will break through and deliver death and devastation to our fellow citizens. This could not be allowed - so Sasha changed course and gave chase. Thanks to the superb performance of his trusty Ishak he was able to - ever so slowly - gain altitude and close in on the attacking formation, till finally he was able to open fire! It was high time he joined the fight, for the allied aircraft were taking heavy losses in the concentrated defensive fire of the formation.



Fortunately the appearance of our brave kapitan seemed to finally make a difference - and the bombers were no longer so impervious to our attacks. Using his skills and utilizing the power of Ishak's rapid firing machine guns, Sasha was quickly able to down one of the planes. He then immediately switched to another target, for there is nothing like 'enough shot down enemies'!



Right then it became clear why the bombers were flying straight, seemingly oblivious to our hero's efforts. As it turned out, they were already on their attack run, rapidly closing in on their target! With dread Sasha realized they were about to release bombs on our mothers, on our daughters, even on our cousins and sisters-in-law!



It was at this very moment that the Ishak's guns fell silent. After all you have to remember Sasha was in combat for quite some time already, having dealt with the enemy command centre - he simply ran out of ammo. This was a terrible moment, because the bombers had to be stopped, at all cost.


Now, you are probably thinking you know how this is going to end. You are thinking about all the tales you heard about 'taran', right, komrades? Ahh, but did anyone here say the Hero of the Soviet Union was awarded posthumously in this case? Eh? You see, for a good pilot, for a dedicated defender of the Motherland, there is always a way of thwarting the hated enemy. Sasha knew he is far too valuable for his country as an experienced pilot, and it would be the foolish thing to do to waste himself and his plane. Remember the plane he was in? Yes, the version 29. With bombs. And bombs he still had! His mind set, Sasha squeezed just a tad more of speed out of his faithful plane, and started overtaking the bombers. Ever so slowly - affraid he might be too late - Sasha laboured into good position, and when the time was right...



Away they went. Both of them. Having released the bombs, having no other means of dealing with the threat, all Sasha could do was to hope. He gained a little more distance from his target, and slowly counted. There was no way for him to see it, but the bombs seemed to be going just fine, just where he wanted them to go - towards the enemy!



And suddenly a loud explosion, and a flash of light, announced a great success! They hit! The enemy was downed, vanquished! There was to be no bombing done tonight!



This, komrades, is how you become a Hero of the Soviet Union! There is always a way - you only need to find it. Keep trying, keep improving yourself, and rest assured - Motherland will triumph! Long live the Soviet Union!



disclaimer: bombing bombers in a bomber is the easy mode nowadays; I've received both the Golubev and the Gabreski medals on I-16 variants, so the time came to step it up. I believe I did.

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0berhessen #2 Posted 07 February 2020 - 07:37 AM

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"You have reached your quota of positive votes for the day"

Anyway, thumbs up, Comrade Kolkhoz Kapitan!

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zen_monk_ #3 Posted 07 February 2020 - 09:13 AM

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...and yet, after the war Sasha made a critical comment on the way kolkhoz was run so he was retouched from a photo. That's how this wartime feat remained unknown until now.


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