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Joystick flyers rejoice! TOP TIP!

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Ziptop #1 Posted 22 July 2020 - 08:51 PM

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World of Warplanes does not support VR or headtracking natively. - I may have found a ghetto fix for at least part of this. 


We joystick flyers experience a little less situational awareness because of the way the game handles camera views (and taking a hand off the stick for a freelook with the mouse isn't ideal in hot combat)

But, for those with TrackIR (and others without TrackIR but willing to tinker about with webcam facetracking) there are options which make things a little more flexible. 


Track IR users can use TrackIR mouse emulation (and add another bind to the right mouse button activation - possibly to a joystick button.) 

Anybody wanting to do this for free (or low cost) can search for and find Mouselook, TrackNoIR, FreeTrack etc. (I recommend checking out TrackNoIR as there are links and support there which will lead you down the rabbit hole for sure, but at least will hold your hand some of the way)


Does it work? 

Yes...and no. 


:) Yes!  - It definitely accesses the games FreeLook mouseview functionality at the movement of your head. - when you hit your emulated RMB (I bind mine to a joystick button in game settings)


:sceptic: No.  -  

1. The FreeLook seems to have a zoom view which makes your own aircraft larger and places it centre screen. The transition from one view to the other can be a little jarring. I'm going to check existing camera mods to see if any of them adjust the amount of default zoom. This may help. 

2. Orientation can be confusing. The head tracked mouse emulation will move a cursor up/down and left/right across a 2D desktop. It can not track your aircraft models orientation in 3d space within the game, especially when the games freelook can change the camera view of this. Therefore in a "wings vertical to horizon" sharp banking turn you will need to move your head LEFT/RIGHT in order to see where you are going rather than the more intuitive UP


Is it better than nothing? At present "Hell yeah"


Notes. Take care to remember whatever key binding/hotkey you need to pause the function also because the its nice to pause this when in the hangar. 


Edit -

The free-look places the aircraft centre screen rather than bottom - looking into this.

The free-look "zoom" can be changed simply by adding an autohotkey script to activate mouse wheel down when pressing your chosen joystick key. (need to identify the joystick if you have multiple devices, but there is a script for that also.) My script looks like 2Joy5::WheelDown  which translates to joystick 2, button 5 = mouse wheel down - this zooms the picture out. :-)


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